oops! I forgot to title it…

IMG_5399Unless you count the pumpkins, the garden has had it. I’m okay with that because Fall is my favorite season. The weather is turning cooler albeit darker in the mornings and soon the evenings will be getting darker sooner as well. I’m not so crazy about that but, I can live with it because soon the trees will be changing colors.This is the time of year I am most happy to be living here.


Miss Joulie continues to live up to her energetic name. She hasn’t slowed down a day since she arrived. My efforts to find a dog walker for my long day at work have failed, however I do have a wonderful stand-in until I am able. Joulie loves him so it’s all good. There is also a new post over at TOO DARK TO READ.

I was able to catch up some paperwork this week. Always a plus. I still have a never-ending supply but most is done.

A very good friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It’s serious, but if anyone can knock it on its ass, it’s her! She has passed a few other tests with flying colors so we are all very hopeful and ready to shore her up for the fight if she needs us. She has already been warned that if she doesn’t tell us when she needs help that cancer will no longer be her biggest problem. I think she understands. It’s probably not kosher to put out a hit for someone who won’t accept your help… hmmmm….perhaps we should rethink this one.

My brother just called. Funny, last night I was just saying that I should call him because I hadn’t spoken to him in a while and he had been trying to get a hold of me earlier this month. He is gonna stop by later on his way through. He lives several hours away and came to see my Mom and his former in-laws. It will be nice to see him. I see him on Thanksgiving, otherwise we catch each other as we can.

unnamed-11-e1462409384457I don’t know if I will be getting to the Six Sentence Cue for tomorrow, so how about we do it now?

If you’ve never done SSS before, consider joining in! It’s easy! You use this weeks cue to create a story, any genre, six sentences; no more,no less. Then you come back on Thursday and link it up.

This weeks cue is : back



12 thoughts on “oops! I forgot to title it…

  1. best of thoughts and wishes for your friend… synchronicity is totally a fact of life

    hey!! everyone (else) reading this!! Join in on z’s Six Sentence Story…. I totally guaranty that you’ll be glad you did!*

    *too much?**
    ** hell, no… it is enjoyable!

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  2. Sending good wishes to your friend. So glad she has you all 🙂
    Fall. I love it also but I’m with you. I don’t want to see the light fading earlier and earlier in the evenings!
    Hey, good luck with finding a dog walker for Miss Joulie. I’m sure she’ll pick one soon 😀


  3. Prayers going up for your friend, as well as the continued ones for you. Funny, I was must thinking of one of my brothers yesterday too…though he won’t be calling, or wanting to visit–so yes, I’m envious. Well, “back” to see what Stella and Frank are up to this week….


  4. I’m sorry about your friend. It is so difficult to ask for help sometimes. I’m glad you’ve collectively supported her and are there to offer help and compassion. Love Ms. Joulie and her travel adventures. I HATE paperwork.


  5. I’m glad you got to enjoy a visit from your brother, I’m sure you Mom was happy to see him too. Friends and cancer, I wish there wasn’t any such equation in life. You are without a doubt the best friend she could have to help her deal with this! I wish that I was Joulie and could go for walks with your friend, I think they would always be wonderful! It is so kind of him to do this for both of you. The only time paperwork is truly useful is in the bathroom, other than that it’s all a nuisance! 😉 I love, love autumn, and you share the most beautiful Fall pictures with us! This year you will have the added blessing of more reliable transportation when cold weather comes. Cue for next week noted, that one leaves plenty of latitude, let me dust the cobwebs off my thinking cap!


  6. Love the pumpkins, and i’m glad you and your brother keep as close as you can under the circumstances. Families that won’t speak to each other make me sad, even when it’s for a good reason.


  7. Fall is by far my favorite season. We got a delicious taste of it last week and now it’s hot, rainy, and muggy again. But I know we’re getting closer.
    Glad you got to connect with your brother. Hub’s brother came to town for a visit this weekend, too, which was nice since we rarely see him. He’s about to be off on a months-long world adventure.
    Sorry to hear about your friend but glad your friends network is there at the ready to support her.


  8. Paperwork–ugh! That’s probably my biggest struggle, as far as being organized goes.
    I’m sorry about your friend’s diagnosis. I’m sure your friendship is much appreciated.
    I love fall, too!


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