Takin’ it Random Style

Over at Too Dark To Read, Joulie is taking a tour around the world. I found this new app that I have been playing with and trying to get better at inserting her into various settings. No she really is on Easter Island…really.

IMG_20160704_171647I wake pretty early in the morning. I set my alarm for 5:30 but my dogs, including the one I had for the last 7 years, wake me up before the alarms. This morning was incredibly foggy out so I put on my headlamp before Joulie and I started out in the dark for our morning walk. Somewhere along the line I managed to freak myself out. I live in a pretty desolate area, but not so desolate that there aren’t cars going up and down the street on occasion. So at that hour you get people coming home from the night shift or wherever else they are coming home from. For some reason this morning I kept thinking that we were somehow in danger. I’m not above getting paranoid on occasion, but I think it’s really a product of a medical issue I’m having in which my system is revving up a bit, and causing me some anxiety of an organic nature. We’re trying to get it under some control and it better happen soon because I’m getting tired of struggling against it. I don’t know how people with bipolar disorder do it. My metabolic system is going haywire and when that happens I have really crazy rapid-fire thoughts. But that happens once in a blue moon. If I had to deal with that every single day I don’t know what I’d do. I guess I would learn to manage it, I guess what I am saying is I have incredible respect for people who do.

This morning when I got to the office a very elderly old man was trying to get up the stairs to my front door. He thought he was at the local grocery store. Which was at least a mile away. He was pretty disheveled looking, had to be at least in his eighties, and was carrying a white cane. I packed him into my car and gave him a lift down to the grocery store where he said he was supposed to be meeting some people. He wasn’t. They did know him down there by the fact that he comes in every morning for coffee and a donut. But today he was extremely confused. So I left him in the hands of the local police, because he said that he had to walk home which was at least a two-hour trek. They said they would get him to an Elders at risk program as this was not his first incident. Poor old guy. 

It may seem early but this is the time of year I start to make Advent calendars. I love Advent calendars. There’s nothing like getting a little special something even if it’s just a little slip of paper with a quote on it. It’s just nice to look forward to that little bit of something everyday. So this year I have many great nieces and nephews for who I’m going to make calendars. I also send some out to special friends every year. Those ones tend to be a little bit more temporary than the kind I make for the kids. I have a blast making them. I make all different kinds. Religious ones and also ones for the pagans like myself.

Gotta get back to work. Talk to you later!


10 thoughts on “Takin’ it Random Style

  1. Advent calendars are cool. Brings back memories of ones we had as kids. Not nearly as lovely as yours – your basic bible verse and/or bit of chocolate behind a door.
    Interesting about the anxiety thing. Sometimes it really just is organic, isn’t it? I know someone who has anxiety to deal with daily. It boggles my mind, but you’re right – respect for those who somehow manage to do what they have to despite it.
    It was foggy here, too – so much so that it set off a smoke alarm at Zilla’s school this morning. Weird. This hot and muggy crap can go any time. Any. Time.
    Off to look at Too Dark…


  2. I love check-in posts like this! ❤ Yes, anxiety is a horrible thing for people to cope with on a daily basis. Like you, I am thankful that it happens to me only occasionally, and I can usually get it under control. You have a lot of physical issues to cope with, and I'm not surprised that sometimes your mind gets weary and anxious from dealing with it all!

    However, if you get a sense that you aren't safe in some situation, pay heed to it. Our gut instincts are rarely wrong. I'm grateful that you both returned home safely.

    You were so kind to take your time to assist the elderly man who was lost and confused. I shudder because I realize that could be any of us someday, and I hope someone takes the time to care. This story could have ended way worse for him if God had not led him to your stair steps.

    I can vouch for the wonderful advent calendars you put together, we had so much fun with that last year! Even big kids enjoy opening little envelopes and Papa Bear was as excited as me! 🙂 You put a great deal of time and work into them. You are so good at creating gifts of love!


    1. Just search diy advent calendars on google or pintrest there are a million of them to choose from! Ive made them from envelopes, tp rolls, old coke crates…you name it!


  3. Will get over to Too D, sounds like a fun idea. Anxiety does indeed suck. It’s a total ideational octopus. Cannot be argued with, can only be accepted and (hopefully) starved of the energy it feeds on.


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