TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

It’s been a pretty creative week. Recycled crayons into more fun ones, finally perfected my wool felted dog, my sister made an awesome birthday cake for her grandaughter’s 1st.

My mother got Joulie a new bed. She really likes to be covered up. This is the progression of her covering herself up. It’s the coolest bed! Mostly because she actually uses it and isn’t on top of me all night!

What’s really great is that I have finally managed to slow Joulie down some… granted it’s only to the speed of light but we are working on it and making gains. She is learning to entertain herself once in a while as opposed to being a TOTAL attention whore.

unnamed-2It was talk like a pirate day this week! We had a blast…luckily, Joulie is kind of in permanent resting pirate face.

Yesterday I drove up to VT with a friend to go to a photography exhibit. I also got to see where the Grandma Moses exhibit is permanently displayed. Her winter scenes are so wonderful to look at!

img_20160924_153413 We stopped at a few farm stands on the way home.


… the pumpkin is in our garden

…and don’t forget the cue of the week!


Have a great week. If you have a pet photo I could put up on Too Dark To Read, please get over there and send it to me… hit about and my address is in there.

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23 thoughts on “TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

  1. I love the wool felted dog! You knitted (crocheted?) that? The Very Hungry Caterpillar cake is amazing! My grandson’s 1st birthday was this past week, too. I think I’ve been to that very museum you visited–did you also stop by Ben & Jerry’s? 🙂


  2. Ok, she is now going to be officially inducted as a Hall of Justice member. “Faster than a Speeding Bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! It’s Super Joulie!” Seriously, give the little girl a hug for me. She looks so sweet!


  3. All kinds of happy things shared here and it’s making me smile. When we can wrap up a week and conclude there was some good stuff I think we’ve succeeded, the larger perspective is everything. I love the crayons and the fuzzy wool pups, and I am so delighted that Joulie is loving her new bed so you can have a bit of restful sleeping space in yours, and that she is settling down a tiny bit, everyone needs a little alone time now and then, try writing with four feline assistants! 🙂 Wishing you a beautiful Autumn, eager to see those pumpkins sitting on the front door stoop!


  4. Now that I’m embracing the beauty of fall, I love visiting the farm markets. This week a friend and I are going to pick wild blackberries (thornless) near her barn and put up some blackberry brandy for the Christmas season. Shiver me timbers, Joules is an adorable pirate!


  5. Is she on your HEAD in that pic? I’m so glad she’s slowing down and settling in and learning to keep herself entertained. HOORAY for that.

    I have not autumned AT ALL WELL yet, and am still plucking up the courage but I’m glad you’ve had fun doing a bit of it.

    Those crayons look awesome fun. Good for you for recycling.


  6. Wow! Busy You, but good busy. I have been busy, bad busy…too much work, not enough fun. I am working on getting some fun time in, like reading, writing, blogging. *sigh* I wrote a 6SS, but it was too late to link, so I saved it for another time. I love the pumpkin, Grandma Moses, and your Joulie. I will try to link up to “rank”. Hugs.


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