It’s the TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week


Joulie just ran past my kitchen door. She is retrieving a ball that Mike threw from his house down the hall. She appears to be having quite the time now that the neighbors have discovered her fetch fetish!


I’ve been spending time making advent calendars and some doo dads for the holidays. It may seem early, but I run out of time to do things once November comes. Typically I have to spend October in preparation if I don’t want to spend a million dollars at Christmas. FYI I don’t want to spend a million dollars at Christmas. Not only am I grateful to save some bucks but I’m also happy it relaxes me. I can get pretty uptight.



I’m grateful for the other artists in my family. My nephew is currently painting a picture for me that I want to give as a gift for an upcoming birthday. He’s the guy that did skip as Napoleon for me.



I am always grateful for my neighbors who love my doggies and also take care of me. My back is pretty messed up so Mike just removed my air conditioner for me. What a great guy. Judi just left a humongous package of dried cherries for baking on the bench outside my door.

I went to see my Mom yesterday. She and I were talking. She is in her late eighties but thinks she would like to make it to her early 90s. I hate having those conversations but I think she needs to have them to take some of the scare out of growing older. She has definitely become more frail over the past few years which is a concern. I’m grateful for my Mom…we have our issues but I will miss her if she decides to go first.

Health is always an issue but again I have a great team and currently added an acupuncturist to it. He is hopefully going to be able to help with a metabolic problem I have had for what seems an eternity. I am hopeful.

The cue of the week for Six Sentence Stories is up and it is STAR…

I am also grateful for good friends who threw a little shin dig this week. Low key, nice. Also were willing to fill in for me when I couldn’t be present at a big function this week. I work and hang with great people… that includes you guys out here in cyberspace. Thanks.

Turns out Joulie is even worse at the selfie than Skips was:


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22 thoughts on “It’s the TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

  1. This was a great list of thankfuls, you had a lot to share! I am thankful you have such awesome neighbors too, and I bet Joulie is in her glory now that she can play “long run” fetch down the hallway! Might actually wear her out a bit that way! 🙂 I have great hopes for your acupuncturist too, you are long since ready for some relief! I can’t wait to see the portrait your nephew is doing, you will have to share a picture after it’s been given. I never cease to be amazed at how you can take the simplest things and make the most beautiful art with them, I wish I was half as organized about doing something ahead. I always have good intentions, and you know what they pave. 😉 I will do my utmost to come up with something uplifting for 6SS this week, maybe no bodies for a change (insert eye roll from Papa Bear here). 🙂 Have a truly good week ahead!


  2. We must be on the same wavelength; I also like to get holiday things done well before December, and for the same reason. (Well, money and stress!)

    I didn’t realize you had neighbors so close by–what a great thing, for you and Joule!

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  3. Welll I think making gifts is wonderful and way more meaningful than store-bought ones. I put up that blackberry brandy and I’m getting ready for sewing projects. I’m glad you are surrounded by caring and helpful friends. We all need those. Hope the acupuncture treatments continue to help with the health challenges. I know sometimes those conversations with octogenarians are tough. I’m glad you and your mom can connect as only mother/daughters can. To quote Lady Manila – white rabbits to you

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  4. Ohhh but the last one is GORGEOUS of the two of you 😀 I love it.

    I’ve known one person in my life who had acupuncture, and the reports were very much in favour so I really hope it helps you a LOT 🙂

    I can think of worse ways of spending an October than making things which will bring happiness to people. I’ve surprised myself by beginning to get ahead with the Christmas shopping ALREADY!

    So glad for the people you have there (and here) who make your world better ❤ ❤


      1. Ahh good. People (good people) usually do, and I’m so glad you have them. I’m fascinated by acupuncture. I think if I get to take this course, then I get to learn it, which would be AWESOME!


  5. I have started to make my Christmas gifts too. It’s fun and creative and everyone seems to like to get my creations. What are those in the second and third pictures. I think I recognize lavender but what is the shell?


  6. Joulie is beautiful, and i admire how you get things done early for Christmas. If i knew how to make things, i guess now would be the best time to start!

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  7. Nora isn’t exactly good at selfies, either, but mostly because she’s never still long enough. Which is probably precisely Joulie’s problem as well.
    Acupuncture still doing the trick?
    Enjoy your mama. I’m glad she has goals


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