SSS: Season

picsart_10-12-06-12-04I was a latchkey kid. Every day after school I would come home to pages of my mother’s explicit instructions about how to prepare dinner, while my brother’s did after school activities or hung out with their friends in the typical double standard fashion that ruled our family. Later in the evening, I was responsible for making school and work lunches for the following day. Is it any wonder I grew to hate cooking, not to mention resent my brothers? I eventually became defiant and acted out by cooking things like psychedelic bright yellow meatloaf with a cross section of fruit loops in every ketchup layered slice. My brothers still don’t know I frequently let the dog lick their lunch sandwiches.unnamed-11-e1462409384457

26 thoughts on “SSS: Season

  1. It astounds me when i hear about parents demanding so much of one child, so little of another. Even though it happened to me, too, about grades.


  2. Your story is hilarious…all except for the understandable resentment…been there, done that (only not in the kitchen dept–I LOVED cooking, because my mom was a horrid, bland, uninspired cook) ❤


      1. I am betting even they would laugh at that story now. Sort of like when my kids share tales of their younger years that I knew nothing about at the time. They lived through it and so did I, so now we can look back an laugh. I suspect siblings have done worse things than this!


  3. I really laughed at this one. The art is adorable – how color enhances the meatloaves! I especially liked the part about letting the dog lick you brother’s portion.


  4. Delightful revenge! Fruit-loop meat loaf and pre-licked sandwiches had me laughing! Why did so many parents back then view their daughters as domestic labor while the sons were allowed to run free? It also seems that pitting children against each other was fair game. There was some of that in my family too. Great story!


  5. So, do they know it now? 😉 You know, it only occurred to me a few years ago that my parents couldn’t afford to pay for college — until it was time for my brother, the only boy. Us girls were on our own. It’s so ingrained in our society.


  6. With airing this story, you might have a joke played on you by your brothers, even if they are most likely adults by now. I didn’t do much cooking as a child, even though I lived on a farm. My brother and I mostly tended to outside chores. The yellow meatloaf must have been guaranteed to make people sit

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  7. Kids seem to find a way to retaliate in their own way, even if it doesn’t really give them the satisfaction they desire. Parenting is not easy, but some things should be plain enough for them to know what they are doing is wrong.


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