13662346_10206053675652570_6712522027558321844_oHuman nature is to seek out the path of least resistance. We often look for the quick fix in lieu of the long-term results. When I really ponder on the question posed: “What makes my life easier?” I have to say it’s when I don’t listen to my baser instincts and do what I know I need to do. I don’t necessarily mean in the moment for a specific circumstance, but rather in terms of my life’s direction. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not all self righteous here like I actually do that. Just sayin’ wouldn’t it be easier if I did?

Think about it! Making big decisions would be a mute point. Again I’m not talking about picking the red vs the blue one of something. Just by repeated, consistent action, people would know you were steadfast and at least some wouldn’t waste their time acting like a mosquito in your airspace. People you do want in your space would be there and respectful or at least also working toward their better selves. How can I say that you ask? Because you aren’t tolerating disrespect or you are able to tolerate some if the motives are sincere in wanting to change it. Everyone slips.

My life used to be a lot easier. I still had baggage, I still had a job and a life and responsibilities. I was still human, but at that time I was practicing more tolerance, patience, humility. I am finally at a place where I am feeling less emotional fatigue and more ability to practice being my better self. Prayer and mindfulness help guide me to where I need to go. I’m hoping life continues to get “easier.”

This is a Finish the Sentence Friday for Finding Ninee…and as soon as I find the button I will post it here … or maybe here….

5 thoughts on “FTSF

  1. Tolerance, patience, humility… I would like to be manifest more of that in my life too. Anxiety and fear seem to be ruling the roost these days. Prayer and mindfulness, yes, the way is to be found there. My heart is happy to see you on the sacred path.


  2. YUP doing what we need to do. Listening to our basic instincts. Here’s to being mosquitos in airspace when it matters and knowing when to weenibutt the heck out of them. Here’s to life lived, and hoping for easier, knowing easier too, when we (you) have it harder than it’s supposed to be but knowing the difference between weeniebutt and awesome, which you always always do. xoxooxoxooxoxoxoooxoxoxoxoxoo how many hugs and kisses is that anyway?


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