The TToT of the Lost and Found and the SSS Cue of the Week

I’m feeling really grateful for direction that I haven’t had in years. I’m not sure why now other than I was actively seeking….but it’s been literal years. The right people have been placed in my path and I’m finally clear enough to utilize what they’ve so generously been offering me. There are more than a few people who deserve a toaster for converting me from my previously misguided direction.

I had really lost my way. Now Im having moments of clarity I haven’t experienced in a long time. I’m trying not to be fearful of becoming lost again. Fear can paralyze you. Im really working at it, but I can get lazy and tend to deafen myself to the signs that are the loudest and most uncomfortable. I’m trying to listen, and not let my ego or anxiety get in the way of what’s important and real in life.

I don’t know if there’s ten but suffice it to say I’m grateful for way more than that.


In the meantime it’s also time for the SSS cue of the week. The cue is FIX.


17 thoughts on “The TToT of the Lost and Found and the SSS Cue of the Week

  1. Coincidental that I wrote something in this vein this week, Zoe. I know what it is like to not have direction when you need it. I’m glad that you’ve found it!! Hey to Joulie!


  2. I can feel the peace in your soul as you have found your direction. Namaste – the light in me honors the light in you.


  3. So glad you’re feeling that sense of direction you thought you’d been missing 🙂 Revel in those moments of clarity and just be, you’ll find your way – I believe in you!!!


  4. “Hey!!! Over here!!! (jumping up and down)”

    oh, a different more metaphorical direction… ok… hold on (add one of those old timey college cheerleader megaphones and, for god knows what reason, a closet full of winter clothes)

    “ZOE… I am your father….zoe!!”



  5. The parables of the lost (lost sheep, lost coin, prodigal son) were mentioned today in church. It was pointed out the sheep was lost due to wandering off–just its own stupidity, but not ill intent. The coin was lost because someone else lost it–it didn’t lose itself. The prodigal son lost himself in riotous living. The reason they were lost was not the point, though. The point was that in each case, joy was found in the return.


  6. Not sure what you are speaking of, but the way you speak of it says a lot. Whatever it is, nice to hear how thrilled you sound about it. I hope it turns out to be all you’re hoping. Exciting.


  7. Your pictorial intro mirrors your post beautifully 🙂
    Clarity. Direction. Actively working on getting a handle on fear. Why Zoe, right there you’ve got enough thankfuls for….ever!
    It’s a mighty good feeling when you’ve found your way. I’m glad you’ve got it.


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