Earlier this week, I did something I rarely do. I lost my cool. My relationship with my last dog skip, was well-balanced enough that you would never find me raising my voice to him, and at my very worst I may have been sarcastic or firm in my tone. Enter Joulie, poster child for ADHD doggies everywhere and you will find me having to consciously struggle to practice a demeanor that came naturally to me with every animal prior to her. It’s not her fault. Yes, she wakes me at 4AM and is relentless in her need for attention, but standing out under the stars of a 5AM sky, I realize how much I would miss without her.


9 thoughts on “Fault…sss

  1. I know just what you mean. Our cat comes in at 2:30 in the morning and goes Roooow! And sometimes continues every half hour until he finally falls asleep. I yell at him, but I’m really not angry. Frustrated maybe but not angry.


  2. Cobee wakes up Sabrina in the middle of every night for a midnight snack and a hug, I guess. He lets my son sleep, though. Love those poodles.


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