CRAFT…six sentence stories

  1.  Cut a long strip of paper one inch in width
  2. Cut it into 1×1 inch square segments
  3. Fold the top two corners of each square so you now have a pentagon
  4. Using a Styrofoam egg and straight pins, start at the bottom of the egg and pin each pentagon (point down) to the egg encircling it.
  5. Work your way up to the top leaving a bald spot at the very top
  6. Embellish the top with anything you like including a little loop  of string for hangingunnamed-10

16 thoughts on “CRAFT…six sentence stories

  1. Made me remember a college course in… speechifying* the first assignment in the semester was to do an oral presentation to the class that consisted of instructions. Damn! I don’t think I got an A!
    Good Six for the simple directness.

    * not a ‘real’ college course but then, now that I think of it, it was 1970 so maybe….


  2. That’s a really pretty decoration, Zoe–I love the simplicity of it, not a lot of gewgaws. If we lived next door, I’d buy or barter for one just like it (no, Stella can’t do crafts–she cooks and writes, that’s it) 🙂


  3. This so cool in it’s simplicity and lack of gaudy embellishment. I love it! Reading your six sentences shows how precise one has to be with directions, I almost think I could do this, but would sure love about five four more photos between start and finish! I am a visual learner 🙂


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