TToT Time

I only have a bit of time this morning but there’s always room for Jell-o and always time for the TToT… yes?

Let’s do this down and dirty like…

  1. Got a tree yesterday…only lights so farimg_20161202_162442381
  2. Joulie is finally growing on me to the point that I can actually say I am quite grateful for her sorry little buttimg_20161115_065033790
  3. Thanksgiving went off without a hitch
  4. It’s been an emotionally draining week but I managed not to fall apart in front of anyone
  5. December 1st. It’s kinda my Christmas morning. It’s the day that all the Advent calendars that I make and send or give out get opened and I get flooded with photos of people opening silly little packages of homemade crayons, marbles or plastic gorillas. I wish I had time to make one for everyone… I love to do it and it’s fun to see people look forward to getting up or going to work in order to open a silly little surprise.
  6.  I am hurting for time lately. I need to be grateful that I have as much as I do. I got quite a bit done this morning before I have to go out.
  7.  I am starting to feel better (less achy , less fatigued) after treatment. Very grateful.
  8. I am so grateful for a humane solution to the barking problem in our house. It is now down to “Inside voice, or I get the can!” Its a little can of air . All it does is emit an air sound and it stops the barking… awesome….As a side benefit it seems to work on my neighbor as well… Poor Jude jumps every time she hears it!
  9. santa_claus_conquers_martians_poster_011-e1354920441205-699x400It really is a ridiculous movie, but I love it. I love a “good” B movie.

10. My buddy Richard has released a new small paperback about geese. Its a photo book… Even if you hate geese go look at his site... the other photos are wonderful. Check out his super moon shot!15073338_10206746570974520_5864702334109425839_n-copy 15107357_10206783064206828_3984348889940868812_n

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11 thoughts on “TToT Time

  1. I love white lights on a tree. I use to be a color light only person, but then I saw the light, and went for just white. Who could possibly hate geese? Are there really such ill inform people in the world?


    1. HAHAHAHA…. I said the same thing about geese and he told me he has whole towns in our area that he has been discouraged from peddling the book because of a true disdain for geese!


  2. Crossing fields while dodging goose poop is in my past. Anyway – I feel rushed this time of year, too. My father’s companion squirts her dog with a little water to discourage barking. A friend of mine had some remote control device that emitted a sound only dogs could hear and it worked like a charm to stop a neighbor’s dog from barking. I wish you could see the look on her face when she surreptitiously pressed the button. I’m glad you are feeling a bit better after treatment. Have a good week.


  3. SO glad you’re feeling better after treatment, and I hope you have a week forthcoming which isn’t so emotionally draining. Nonetheless, well done you for getting through it.

    I LOVE all the effort and energy you put into making people’s worlds brighter and more fun with advent calendars. That’s a really gorgeous thing to do and I’m sure you’ve made their advent a HUGE lot brighter and shinier 🙂 ❤


  4. Every one of these is a good one! For the sake of sanity and relief the air horn for Joulie’s barking is genius. I had to laugh that it also makes Jude jump. She may decide the barking is preferable. Your Advent calendars are masterpieces, they do indeed generate so many wonderful smiles! ❤


  5. Such is the magic and wonder of the season Zoe…all in your gifting of yourself in what you call “silly” gifts 🙂 You bring joy to many.
    Well, glad to hear you’re going to keep Joulie 😀
    I’m also glad to hear you are feeling better! and that you had a good Thanksgiving.
    Love the moon shot. Will be heading over to Richard’s site now….


  6. We got our tree tonight and I’m loving it even though it’s a little bit crooked and Robert says “it’s fine.” GAH
    I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care.
    Anywho. Glad you’re feeling better and oh those little cans of air! My dog Arthur (pre-Chief) was a huge barker and that’s one of the things that worked… also HI 🙂 and happy December.


  7. “Inside voice,or I get the can!” And some people don’t think dogs understand!

    Thanks again for the advent calendar. I am so, so impressed!


  8. Ah, who wouldn’t like a book about geese. Here in Canada we just, apparently, chose our nation’s bird and the Canada goose wasn’t it. Neither was the loon. I haven’t even heard of the bird they decided to go with, but I guess even those guys deserve a time in the spotlight too.
    Glad you are starting to appreciate your new pal and I hope you guys have a lovely holiday together.


  9. I somehow missed this post–I really do feel for you, Ivy, the emotional aspect of the holidays… And I’m glad you enjoy doing the Advent calendars–and the great responses you no doubt receive! Very happy to hear about the air can (I’m ready to kill 2 neighbor dogs and ten or twelve neighbors…). I’ve been thinking about TToT, now that I have some perspective returned, i.e., gratitude; but I may just wait and do a year-end post… Hang in there, don’t wear yourself out just because you’re feeling stronger (see: finger-wagging, one hand on hip). God bless you 🙂


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