TToT and the SSS

‘I haven’t been doing the TToT thing for a few weeks…. I’ve had better groupings of weeks that were far more self -generating of gratitude.When I get like this,  I  have to realize  that Im not living some incredibly deprived lifestyle trying to find uncontaminated water just to continue living or for that matter even lacking anything I may need to just live a normal life in the amazing place in which I DO live.

I’m tired of certain circumstances. If that’s my biggest issue it’s a pretty good life.While I’m recovering I’ve managed to watch a few really excellent bad movies.img_20170104_163803

I have friends attending to my evety need and want. They call to walk Joulie as Im not really mobile right now. They ask what I need. My answer is usually nothing ( the truth) or bottled water…. They show with grapes, pistachios, soup….and water…

My Mom understood when I couldn’t make it for the holidays. It was hard for her but I know she availed herself of other plans because she didn’t want me to feel badly. I can’t begin to tell you how incredible that is.

Ms. Joulie turns out is hyper yes but also quite capable of serious empathy. She stays near and does her best to calm herself when I can’t really do much for whatever reasons. Asimg_20161002_101002193 you know I adored skip but don’t let that face fool you. He was not tolerant of illness… You could almost hear him saying “yeah, that’s really too bad…. When you’re done with that I’ll need to be fed…. Don’t take too long huh?” 00a2e747-27f5-4ed5-b614-ebbf4afef6d5

I’m working on expanding my private practice in order to work less (bit of an oxymoron) and yesterday got some excellent news about office space….

I will be honest… The past 8 weeks have been really tough for lots of scary reasons ….but taking the time to reflect when my head is clear of steroids and other garbage I can come back to reality that life is pretty cool and if nothing else, I pretty much have a guarantee it’s gonna change.

If you’re one of the SSS masses and interested, the cue of the week is RANK


10 thoughts on “TToT and the SSS

  1. I was so happy to find this post! It is hard to find the positives when dealing with long term issues that are difficult and painful, but you’ve found your perspective and came up with a bunch of good things that make life better. I am so excited about potential changes in your work, and I love that Joulie has found her own way to shine! Here’s to a better and brighter year! ❤️


  2. It has been tough for you and the TToT is always helpful in bad times. I have not partipated in awhile either. You might even be an inspiration for next week. (((Hugs))))


  3. I wish I had words that were so magical they’d change everything to GOOD, like linguistic fairy dust. You know I care…and still fret (though I’ve been trying to cut down)…and I Pray BIG Miracle prayers–and send you LOVE ❤


  4. “arrr”*

    * I trust you’ll explain to any confused, annoyed or outraged co-commentationers**
    ** though I know the above comment writers and they exhibit none of the above less that positive characteristics and I also know most of the TToT crowd are likely to exhibit hypo-surprise at my heart-felt-message-in-pirate


  5. I’m glad your little bundle of energy can be calm when needed. I’m sorry for the necessity of that. Hurray for bad movies for distraction. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. I love when pets can sense what we need from them and just deliver. Movies of any kind are a great comfort and distraction. Thinking of you always, and glad you have people near to help and check in.
    I’ve been very sporadic and lax in my TToTing, mostly because I just get wrapped up in all the things and then – shit! Sunday night! And then I’m just pooped and still have to switch gears into school night mode. The never-ending cycle…just like in all things.
    Here’s to being thankful, no matter how sporadically, and for all the good people the TToT brings together.


  7. Change is the only thing we can count on. In my case, especially pennies. (Yes, it’s a terrible joke, i hope it made you laugh at me how silly i am and thus made you feel better for just a moment anyway.)

    Hope it all works out soon so that things are better for you and Joulie.


  8. New office space? Yay!
    I’m sorry to hear you’ve been in a bad place these last couple of months but so happy you are surrounded by good friends. Joulie no doubt is trying to be on her best behavior 🙂
    So this – “I pretty much have a guarantee it’s gonna change.” I surely hope it does and only for the better,Ivy.
    Be well. Be better. Soon!


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