SSS: *It Just a Bad Poem..Don’t Go All Worried..



3am again and here I lie amongst  the insomniac ranks who don’t sleep.

My teeny tiny poodle, slumbers by my side and the sounds of her snoring are deep.

My leg woke me up quite numb and all  tingly so I did my routine to relieve it.

The body is wacky cuz the pain that ensues is a much better sign to believe in.

So I try not to bitch when my leg aches and wails like Long John’s right after the whack!

But if I wake one more morning mumbling you “M*****F****n sh**,” my quarter jar”s gonna overflow from the smack..


15 thoughts on “SSS: *It Just a Bad Poem..Don’t Go All Worried..

  1. Insomnia is terrible, and worse when there’s pain, and even more so when you have no choice but to get up and go to work the next day. In a case like this, my swear jar would overflow, too.


  2. I’ve heard it called Painsomnia. My 20 year old has CRPS and my Mom suffered from Ulnar nerve damage. I understand a little too well watching them through out the years during flair ups. I hope you’re resting comfortably now. Be gentle with yourself.


  3. I think in your case that just might be a fairly appropriate way to greet the new day. And think of all the quarters you’re collecting that could one day fund a trip to the beach! 🙂 Seriously though, I wish you could get a decent night’s sleep once in awhile, it would help so much. ❤


  4. I’ve had sleep problems since early childhood. My dad used to say that I was the only one of his children he had to “walk the floor with” to get them to sleep.

    It’s never ended.

    I wake UP several times each night even though I wear a cpap for my apnea.

    It sucks!

    I totally get this post and am one of that rank.


  5. Oh my poor darling, Zoe! What a wonderfully entertaining poem you crafted from the “slings and arrows”, as it were. Now you know why I write–it’s the only productive thing to do while you wait on a Miracle for life/health to change. Prayers continue for you always–and my heart sends you love ❤


  6. It’s a rough day when pain is reassuring, but I know in your case that’s true. I hope there was less need for surrendering quarters as the day went on. Do you buy them by the roll? :-))


  7. Looks like we are a real tribe of non-sleepers here. I’ve always had trouble sleeping; so did my dad. I think insomnia that stems from pain is probably the very worst. I think of you often when I’m awake at night. Text me anytime – I’m probably awake! 😀


  8. I don’t know the cause of your leg pains, but taking BioCitrate Magnesium before I go to bed keeps me from have leg cramps. Of course, checking with your doctor first would be best.
    Insomnia is awful. I rarely have that now, but I had it in the past. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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