So It’s Been Long Enough…

So it’s been long enough since I’ve been here that I didn’t realize that my blog had somehow taken on a life of it’s own. It changed themes on me. I can’t seem to find my old one… go figure. SO enjoy the new , newer? look…

It’s been quite a few months. It seems I’m frequently recovering, but that’s how it goes with chronic illnessunnamed (13). I find it odd that if I were to list the truly bizarre and often times doctor boggling things this body has endured, that this mundane issue is gonna be the one to truly limit me. It all goes back to this… Yup, that’s right, that bastard DUCT TAPE! No, not really, as this man will tell you, (that’s Clark20150506_103306_resized-1024x576 of the Wakefield Doctrine… not Mr. Dudley my fifth grade English teacher), duct tape saved the day. Now if only I could use it to tape my spine back together (said Humpty).Truth is that this one has nothing to do with my original issues. It has to do with a drunk driver on the Garden State Parkway… Do me a favor… NEVER drive drunk… even if you’re not sure… let someone else drive woudja please… for me???

On a totally random tangent, don’t you wonder why it is that Clark only has that scotch tape and a box of Kleenex on his desk? Even the one behind him is empty…I know he’s THE clark but c’mon. Maybe the tape is to put your life back together after the bad news and the Kleenex is obviously for crying your eyes out about it? Or maybe someone said “Okay it’s time to take office IDs. Clark you sit here…hmmmm desk looks a bit empty hand me that tape wouldja, and maybe that box of tissue over there…yeah that’s better.”Perhaps Clark is not unlike myself and finds those scotch tape refills notoriously difficult to start and this is his look of triumph? Who knows? He’s a clark… it’s gonna be weird yet utterly obvious all at the same time…so why question it?

unnamedRemember the great Unsticking of originally 2015 but lasted well into 2016 because I actually did it instead of my usual saying I will and doing nothing? Well it’s time for a new one. I gotta get back on track somehow… I do have to say that all the things I started in the Unsticking project have STUCK… the great thing about having only one closet in your house is actually…nothing is great about that, but if it happens to be a walk in and you clean it… when you take things out and put them back where you found them (eg Christmas decor) it is still a walk in closet! Pretty cool huh?

I will be doing a bit of a wrap up on all that stuff and laying down the new plan this week… I gotta do a bit more thinking and planning before it goes into writing. In my book once it’s in writing it’s out of the “quit yer silly dreamin'” stages and moves into I have to do it.

Talk to you later my sister just got here and I’m gonna use her for all she’s worth! Which is plenty!!!


10 thoughts on “So It’s Been Long Enough…

    1. I hear ya!!! We’re all a bit off our game I guess!!! Thanks for reading it! Im really gonna update the unsticking and I think getting my blogging and reading other blogs back to where I want it will need to be part of it!!!

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  1. It was so awesome to come here a find a real post full of good stuff and interesting stuff, and stuff we’ll be looking forward to. The irony of that accident causing you more problems than your illness ever has is huge. Life is like that, huh, never what we anticipate dealing with. But I remain a firm believer that this can be a really good year for you, and for me, and for all of us if we focus on that intent. Your observations on Clark’s desk made me laugh, I never notice details like that. So glad your sister is coming to give you a helping hand with a few things, here’s to a much better week ahead!


    1. I have to admit I’ve been pretty bummed the past few months. Thanks for so much support. Despite the my state of mind, I am very hopeful that with work this will be reigned in. Each of the goals on the next unsticking has a breakdown of steps… I’m hopeful for a second successful unsticking as well.


  2. lol… you know, I never thought about the Kleenex (or is that Kleenx …or maybe Qleenex), the photo was, in fact, and now that you’ve mentioned (your project), a reverse of your Unsticking. It was my first day in my new office. And yes, that would be a scott wielding the camera, who else could compel me to pose (although for the record, I did not smile as she was trying to insist I do). But it (the photo) represents in a sense a deliberate ‘Sticking’. Quite uncharacteristic for a clark, of course.

    I’m grateful that you mention your Unsticking project, as it serves to remind me that the things around us are a ‘choice’* and as such are ours to hold or discard. I admire your efforts, as most of us would be reluctant to jettison things in the fear that we would diminish ourselfs.
    ya know?

    All Hail the Tape of Duct! (original, though soon discarded duct tape motto “What hath God wrapped?“)

    * even if, hell, especially if we’ve forgotten that we made the choice


  3. Awww shucks, thank you Clark….I know my *roger is showing when I say this but you have been a model for a few of my better choices… I mean its not at the WWCD level as such but I often look at wider shots of life now thanks to you.

    *Especially now that my K9 companion is a permanent jolly one! Argh!


  4. Really glad to see this post. I’ve been so bad at keeping up with things – writing, reading, messaging. I feel like we got into a weird groove here during December with holidays and illness and just never quite climbed out of it. I’m all for re-upping the un-sticking and other such projects. I need that, too.


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