The Return of Grace and Aplomb…ahem

OK so maybe I was never graceful, but no one, I say NO ONE can say I was never overly self-confident…wait. What? Well, anyway…

I haven’t written a TToT in some time, y’know like a real one? I think it’s pretty well known I’ve been out of my element physically ( which says a lot as my element is pretty much good old #82Pb (plumbum, lead) from the neck down on most days. (Right there. See that? That is what I remember from years of Chemistry and Physics in high school and college.Oh, and is Oxygen #8?)

afc905bf3d8464baa9dd9b6494e2ee97Anyway, my lack of a TToT is on me. I have had lots to be grateful for it’s just been clouded and I have been a serious crank. Don’t justify it, really C.R.A.N.K. and I’m grateful for every little lift of the cloud.

See what I did there? got #1 in and I still got to complain just a little bit. NICE.

Im gonna make this a quick one and then I want to do an unsticking update some time late when I post the SSS cue of the week which I will place as my second TToT. It has a bit of a following and is really fun to read and host. I am grateful for the notes and kind comments about how much people are enjoying it. I am most grateful that it’s founder Josie of the formerly TWO SHOES came up with the idea and allowed me to bring it back when I missed it so much. Hey, yknow what? I think that makes four!  But, who’s counting?

IMG_20160704_061358713Y’know every week in my TToT I used to be grateful for this little bugger and know that I am still SO grateful for my time with him. He taught me so much about patience and trust. Well , Joulie is here now and after much angst on my part (unfairly as her only sin was she was not Skip), she has definitely earned a place in my heart. So without further ado I don’t know if you know this but I have this little dog named Joulie? I like her a whole lot and am pretty grateful for her patience with me during this recuperation, and with my overall pain-in-the-buttishness. She is a bit stuck in frozen pirate face from a broken jaw she sustained at the hands of some idiot human, she is getting a bit too chubby as I haven’t been able to walk as far with her as we were walking. We are slowly trying to increase my distance, but in the meantime if ya feel like a walk and you’re in the neighborhood…

Today some friends are moving stuff into my new office. There’s a couple grats. I actually had to cancel three of them as I had too many volunteers. There’s a grat. If someone said “Hey, thanks anyway, but y’know how you were gonna help lift heavy furniture on Saturday, while I stood around and watched or limped around and told ya what to do? You don’t need to now.” I would say “YAHOO!” as I was running in the other direction. I had to convince all three NOT to waste their time! There’s a grat. Great friends. I always say that but really…. GREAT FRIENDS! That includes internet friends who have called, texted, IM’d, sent cards and well wishes, came back to a blog that has been empty of most everything except SSS cues for some time…all of you… GREAT FRIENDS! Thank you!

SO I was incapacitated over the holidays, which depending upon how dysfunctional your family is, is not always a negative. I’m not saying anything about mine, but man we get together at Christmas and it’s a madhouse… mostly just because of the numbers. My parents had a lot of kids, who went on and had a lot of kids, who are now old enough to be having kids…that’s a lot of people! And most bring other strays with them… often we are looking at numbering in the thirties and forties. SO a peaceful hospital room… don’t cry for me… I was in touch via skype and had a great time. I mention this because I still have a few Christmas gifts I haven’t broken into. Today I get to open my new set of tools. I got this amazing set of tools for Christmas. I can’t even lift the box! It’s gonna just be fun to see someone else use them to put together some furniture today.

Ok, I gotta go, but have a great day and I will see you soon with an SSS cue… if ya have any suggestions feel free to leave them in comments. I am always looking for a fun cue word. Thanks, Z/I and J

7 thoughts on “The Return of Grace and Aplomb…ahem

  1. zoe my zoe. Good post today, my friend. You do indeed have much to be thankful for. I for one am thankful for knowing you, for having the opportunity to meet you irl. I wish I could have met Skip 🙂 Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll meet the Joules 😀
    I’m also thankful that you have carried on Josie’s SSS. As little as I’ve particiated lately, knowing it’s there is…comforting.
    Extremely exciting, the new office! Yay!

    Suggestion for SSS “LOOP”


  2. Zoe , you talk of a large family . It always warms my heart when I hear other people having to deal with numbers in the thirties and forties for Christmas gatherings. I would be interested to hear more . I am a relative newcomer to the six sentence story prompt , but I love it, . Thanks for continuing with it.


  3. Such a wonderful TToT to come and find here! I smiled from beginning to end, it’s really just stuffed full of good things that have happened and are happening for you, and I have to believe that life is beginning to move in the right direction. I am so excited about the return to private practice and a new office space that is just right. And I especially love this new little dog you seem to have secretly acquired, how did you manage to slip that past us? :-))


  4. I LOVE the “Lucy” square–I used to be like her pretty much ALL the time..have improved greatly, reduced the crabbiness…but retain a measure of it 🙂 I’m not bucking for sainthood 🙂


  5. It’s so good to hear from you! You’ve definitely been in my thoughts; I’m glad you are seeing a break in the clouds.


  6. good TToT, yo
    as we know, I loves the creative path to grativlle, your List this week has that feel of a letter…. in the old style (or at least what I imagine an old style letter would read like)… a narrative and a story and relating facts but …well, it would have been nice if you had written in with a quill and ink from a bottle. (and something about felicitations and maybe those messed up plural ‘Ss’ that look like stretched out capital ‘Bs’
    why yes, I do realize that I’m rambling… and it’s Tuesday! Which is way out of sequence for me… at least SSS is tomorrow. Give some structure to this here week here.


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