I’m Grateful for the ONE True Definite…


  • I’m grateful for change. It is the only thing we can bank on and we gotta bank on something.
  • I’m grateful for my new digs. My office is coming together . Considering it is about the size of the closet space in my last office it seems to be taking some time.img_20161128_074629424_hdr
  • I’m grateful for Josie and Lizzi who have effected a changing of the guard at the TToT to keep going with something that so many people value.
  • I am so grateful for friends and family who have helped me set up this new office situation. SO many people I can barely keep track of how many I have to thank. Some assembled furniture. Some carried it in. Some went shopping with me. Some bought me a desk! Everyone near and far, IRL and virtual friends have supported this change.
  • I’m grateful that my leg while permanently changed is not so bad that my life cannot be adapted to accommodate it.images (2)
  • I’m grateful for the patience of others when I am just not so patient with myself.
  • I’m grateful to recognize how fortunate I truly am.
  • I’m grateful that my dog whom I was worried was getting a bit too chubby was really just extra furry…haircuts should work that way for people too…just sayin’.img_20170210_161154846
  • I’m grateful for PT, acupuncture and alternative medicine.
  • I’m grateful my buddy made it through a really serious CA surgery and will be coming out better and well on the other side of this whole nightmare soon.

unnamed-11-e1462409384457I really need to do an unsticking update, but I’m kinda pooped out… so it may have to wait… In the meantime the SSS cue of the week is:


six sentences, no more or less, any genre, come back Thursday and link it up!


25 thoughts on “I’m Grateful for the ONE True Definite…

  1. You do indeed have many changes to be grateful for, and I love the attitude of seeing change as an ok thing, because it comes whether we hate it or embrace it. I am loving your new little office and can’t wait to see you there full time, it’s going to be a good thing!! I know that your leg issues have initiated major changes in your life, but you are finding ways to adapt to that, which is the real challenge. Love the smiling face and visible button eyes of little Joulie, she is such a doll! You well deserve all the friends and family who help you out a little, you can and do return the caring many times over! I am grateful that your friend with CA is moving in a positive directions, thankfully!! And I can assure you that we will not be visiting the kitchen sink at the Old Farmhouse this coming week! πŸ˜‰ LOL Thank you so much for joining us at the new TToT blog ❀


  2. Sign me up for one of those slimming haircuts, please! πŸ™‚ I agree with you about the changing of the guard of the TToT. So glad it is continuing on! “Permanently changed” doesn’t sound great, but I’m glad you say it’s “not so bad.”


  3. Haha. I’m practically bald and it doesn’t do a thing for my weight. Change is very difficult for many people and I am so glad you are embracing it as it seems the other choice is to wallow in your woes and I don’t think that’s really you. Is that Teddy Roosevelt in that meme? I’m happy about the new office, your slew of friends and that the situation with your leg is changing to a more manageable accommodation. Did you quote the Buddha once – “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”? We could say the same about change. Looking forward to re-connecting on a more regular basis.


  4. My God!! for a minute there I thought the prompt word for this week was going to be Reddi Whip*


    *I really hope everyone gets the same advertisement inserts, otherwise this will be more scary-funny than normal lol


  5. Your office…drool. πŸ™‚ Mine needs a makeover. We moved into our house last year and it was paint, plop, plop and everything else just has stayed in its place. I do have plans to make it better, but…life. LOL.
    In any case, I hope you’re well. Happy weekend! xo


  6. Your office space looks very pretty. I agree having friends to help you out means so much, and I’m sure they enjoyed being able to help. It is difficult to be patient with the changes that happen, especially when it means things won’t be as they once were, but changes will come in one form or another. Hang in there. We are rooting for you.


  7. If haircuts could make you thinner, what a world that would be! πŸ˜€ I’ve inadvertently dropped 10 pounds since the onset of this flu – definitely not a method I recommend.
    I am, as always, inspired by your outlook and mindset. Change is absolutely certain (and I feel like I’ve said that about ten times in various situations in the lats week) and how we choose to embrace it (or not) is definitely a factor in how we move through and beyond it. xo


  8. Wishing you and Miss Joulie a belated Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! Change is always gonna be showing up, invited or not–so it’s best if we can embrace it ❀ And I have to comment in response to Val's note about hair loss–talk about Change, YIKES! What happened to my hair?? It's thinning as we speak…so there is NO style that makes me look slimmer or fatter…I'm just trying to keep it looking like I HAVE some hair! πŸ™‚ Frank and Stella send their best to you ❀


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