download (6)So the Six Sentence Cue of the Week is  SECOND. Use the cue any way you like, any genre, and come back on Thursday to link it up… but just make sure you have six and only six sentences to whatever story you decide to post!

Then of course is the TToT:  This one is gonna be a quickie by the numbers… but there are certain things I just know it would behoove me to do… even if it has to be quickly. I have a lot of work to do tonight, but I told myself I would take time for important stuff and really how long does it take to count to ten? SO … Count with me! 

  1. My new office kicked off last week. It was reasonable. It is gonna take some getting used to a new rhythm, but it’s gonna work out just fine eventually.16143114_1717908028521653_8495274699636296181_n
  2. I had to return the rug from the office because it was shedding more than my dog. I couldn’t even wear black to the office. I was covered in rug schmutz… I’m a big girl, I wear a lot of black…I’m thankful that the store was reasonable even though I used the rug for a week.
  3. JOULIE! img_20170210_161154846
  4. She is so joyous! She is always wanting to play and hang out. That can be exhausting, but mostly a pretty cool thing.
  5. Internet contacts… you guys are the best. I can just sign in to IM and there you are. It can be the middle of the night and some insomniac blogger is awake. It can be mid morning and something is beeping in on my phone. It’s nice to be connected.
  6. I’ve recently turned into a Dr. Who fan. I think I may have to apologize to Lizzi for once maligning the series. Lizzi, I am sorry… I was SOOOOO wrong!
  7. My new friends… indispensible for part of my journey through my recent health issues and some of my unsticking goals… gotta do an update at some point.
  8. My old friends…coming to my aid constantly. Who do you know that doesn’t even have to ask for help moving out two offices worth of books and furniture? I KNOW!
  9. A dear friend got through some tough surgery and had to go back in for another quite unexpectedly. Went to see her and hub today. She is recovering… back home…sounds and looks so much stronger… was willing to eat what I made for dinner.
  10. Tomorrow is my last day with some of my clients at my group practice. Some are people I have seen for a long time now, and I am going to miss them. I thank the universe, God and everybody for letting me cross paths with these people. I will miss them. My last day there is next Monday.

See, 1-10 pretty quick! Have a great week!

Ten Things of Thankful

12 thoughts on “SSS, TTOT, ASAP

  1. Yes, yes, getting started at your new office is definite cause for celebration! It will feel like home in no time. I know it’s hard for your current clients to have to part ways with you at this point, but there is always a reason, in their lives too. Joulie, who could resist this little bundle of furry energy, she makes us all smile! Friends, IRL and online both what would life be without anyone who cared?! I am so glad people pitch in to help you when needed. I know the meals you made for your friend were delicious and very much appreciated. I’m afraid it would be a mistake to wear black at my house too, you’d be covered in furry love, despite my best efforts to keep things reasonably defurred. 🙂 Thank you for taking time to share your ten with us at TToT!


  2. Oh my, a shedding rug! I’m glad the store was willing to take it back! Having new friends and old friends too are true blessings through our life journeys, and I’m sure there will be more friends in the future. Joulie looks so neatly trimmed, a beautiful companion. Your last day on Monday sounds like it might be bitter/sweet, but with a lot of well wishes.


  3. Ya gotta have friends, right? I think we could all use some of Joulie’s boundless energy. Good luck in the new digs and in the next chapter.


  4. Inspired by you, here, very quickly are my TToT’s today:

    1.For my doctor who, after I was fobbed off at two A&E visits, is listening to me.
    2.The sun warming by body and cheering my soul as I put washing out to dry.
    3, My children who have showed such love for one another , especially recently.
    4 The fact that we live near the sea and can enjoy it at any time.
    5. For friends who are always there.
    6 For food in the fridge
    7 For money to get more food
    8 For money to put petrol in the car.
    9 For having time to pray and meditate .- for my faith.
    10 For having the best husband anyone could imagine.


  5. Joulie and the shedding rug are my favorites here. The rug made me laugh out loud. Although your #5 about internet contacts and friends is probably the most favorite for me. I agree completely. I love that even when I feel like the only one awake at night, someone else is there. I love stopping for a lunch break during the day and finding someone there. Always.


  6. Old and new. Endings and beginnings. All part of life. Love the SSS word and I tell myself I will try it this week. We shall see. Enjoy your new office. Glad you’ve had friends for all you have been dealing with and that you can be that for someone else when necessary too.


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