Dear Zoe,

I just want to take a second to explain a few things. I know I had huge (proverbial) shoes to fill when Skip went home; I mean, he was patience personified (again proverbial), didn’t get into a ton of trouble, hardly ever barked like a lunatic, and he was even literate! Well, okay, so am I and I’ve been holding out on letting you in on that one because I’m a busy girl. I want you to know that when I paw at your head once or twice in the middle of the night that I appreciate you rubbing my belly and lulling me back to sleep . When I insist on sitting on your chest with my butt so close to your face that my stubby little tail wacks you in the nose, I also appreciate the back rubs. I know I want to play constantly but like I said I really am a busy girl. You should also know I’m a really happy one.

Love, Joulie


7 thoughts on “SSS WITH JOULIE

  1. And she is happy, clearly! We can only guess at how much more she loves her life now than ever before. All that pent up exuberance may come out in wacky ways at times, but no one could keep you entertained like Joulie can, and she even humors you by playing hundreds of games of fetch and tug o’war, which I know you’ve secretly always wanted! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our furkids accept our limitations and imperfections so graciously, that we find a space in our hearts for theirs (Josie writes as Toby just finished chasing Tiggy across the room and across my end table, sending my mug of iced tea sailing to the floor. Then they both stop and stare at the puddle like “where did that come from?” ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Aww. That is too freaking sweet. I try to remember things like these about my Rottens when they are driving me up the wall. Not always easy – with pets or people. One thing is clear – Joulie is well loved and cared for, as was Mr. Skips.


  3. I am typing this with one hand, because there’s a kitten passed out on my left arm, and I’d rather struggle with typing than disturb her, this sleek bundle of energy who loves me wholly and completely, who helped heal my broken heart after Ruby left. Love slips in when we least expect it, doesn’t it?


  4. Oh, Joulie! What a bundle of joy you are! I’ve always been a big dog person (as in I prefer big dogs), but I have really warmed to the small but mighty dogs I’ve met recently, including those met online. You keep being a good dog, OK? ๐Ÿ™‚


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