TToT Totally Late Night Version

Ten Things of ThankfulI just woke up thinking Darth Vader was in my bedroom. Turned out I was wheezing so loudly I woke myself up. Yeah, I got the flu… But….and there’s always a but…I took these Chinese herbs for the past two days and it’s killed the fevers and chills, allowed me some sleep, and loosened the chest congestion so that I actually sound a bit like Darth under water. Doesn’t sound great but I feel better.

My Mom turned 87 yesterday. We had a party. SURPRISE!! Everyone kinda whispered it when she came in because they didn’t want to scare her half to death.

I hear via a communication through our new hostess with the mostest Josie, and our old most likely to be mistaken for an English teacher Clark, that the Secret Book of Rules may be making a comeback…to that end may I include this post with a cursory explanation.

The new office is getting decked out with technology today. I’m grateful to be able to say “the new office.”

My buddy who had big lung surgery a few weeks back got great news. Cancer-free…only 5℅ of people have such results… bummer for the 95℅, but yahoo for 5!!! Let’s pray for the 95, and that the 5 get to enjoy their good fortune for a good long time!

Its 2:30AM so Im gonna cut this short. However, I can’t leave without Joulie on the list…she loved the party. She got passed around like an infant at a christening…life of the party…play hard, crash hard. Have a great week!



10 thoughts on “TToT Totally Late Night Version

  1. Good news about your friend. I’m glad you are feeling better – I think there is probably an herbal cure for every illness – we just don’t know what it is yet. And of course, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want us to. So happy you can celebrate your Mom’s 87th. And Joule – the party girl crashes. We always talk about passing the baby around like a Thanksgiving turkey, so I enjoyed your description of passing Joule around like a baby at a Christening. Enjoy your week.

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  2. Somewhere in the SBOR/BOSR there’s gotta be a rule about getting extra points for showing up with a TToT post when you are sick as a dog, I mean with a dog, or something like that! I was delighted to go back a re–read your original post on this, thanks for sharing! 🙂 I am so very thankful for your friend’s successful cancer surgery, to beat the odds is a wonderful thing! I am thankful for the Chinese herbs which help you through the hard times. Every new medication that big pharamacy comes out with, with its accompanying list of dire side-effects, tells me we are missing the obvious, that nature gives us what we need. I know your mom felt very special at her birthday party, and Joulie loved all that extra attention. She’s probably hoping for another party today! May your next week TToT list say that you are feeling much, much better! XOXO


  3. I am SO sorry to know you got hit with the flu and the horrible wheezing – you know I empathize completely. Glad the herbal cures did the trick. I always prefer to turn that way before “regular” meds myself. Glad you’re feeling better!
    Hope you are – and continue to – feel much better. xo


  4. The pets always steal the show, don’t they? Hope you feel better soon, and i wish many happy returns of the day to your mother!


  5. Hope you feel better soon. Fantastic news about your friend! And as for your pooch-so cute! I’m pretty sure I looked like that when I got up this morning!


  6. Last photo (audio) sknx chk chk chk*

    * my onomatopoeic skills are poorly lacking… Besides his pseudohypertrophy, Popeye did suffer from nasal deformation, due partly to his fights with Bluto as well as the strain (on the nasal passages) caused by the extreme force required to inhale a can of spinach (through his pipe***) **

    ** well, yes, this is my ‘real’ comment lol
    *** as Sigmund Freud famously observed, “Vell, sometimes a pipe is just a can opener, jahr?”


  7. Awesome for your friend! My step-mom just had lung cancer surgery. Best kind of lung cancer though – slow growth, large cell. It was 6 cm so she’s going to have a little bit of chemo too but it’s such better news than we thought. LOL to everybody whispering “surprise” to your mom. Happy birthday to her!


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