I’m Grateful…TToT

Ten Things of ThankfulIn the world of what Clark of The Wakefield Doctrine would call a hypograt, I really enjoy snow. However on a week when I just paid for part of my transmission to be replaced, and I’m already nervous about being on my own without a net, the idea of an appointment cancelling blizzard this week is a mixed bag. I love a good blizzard. I also enjoy making ends meet and low levels of worry, stress and anxiety related to work.

Never the hypograt. Joulie.

My Mom celebrated her 87th birthday last Sunday. We had a surprise party. She had a great time with the kids, the grands and the great grands.

Acupuncture is helping me recover. I never thought it would be the treatment I would swear by…but it is, and I do.IMG_20170307_163513670

New and old friends, people who think I have good or bad taste in coffee mugs, breakfast with someone I hadn’t seen in a few years, a new treatment for a family member’s Parkinson’s, my Mom’s independence at 87 y.o., my new office, a slowly expanding caseload, lots….I have lots to be grateful about.


12 thoughts on “I’m Grateful…TToT

  1. The concept of hypogratudinus being a valid Item is the kind of thing that makes what is considered a sound and reasonable practice into a total giant (circus) tent for any and all of us to benefit by the strengths of others and rest in the security of the goodwill of the other participants.

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  2. When we reach the third month of the new year I think snow becomes a hypograt for nearly everyone who has to deal with it on a regular basis. It’s beautiful to look at… but! The good news is that Spring also begins this month and hopefully the heavy snows won’t extend too far beyond that. Like Paul, I have every confidence your caseload will continue to increase, clients will show up for appointments, and you’ll be a smashing success at running your own show! It will just take a little time for things to reach the point of flowing smoothly, keep remembering to breathe! 🙂

    Joulie, that adorable little pirate wench belongs on everyone’s thankful last because every picture you share makes us smile. But I really wish you’d get that poor furkid a few toys to play with! 😉

    You managed a wonderful birthday party family gathering for your mom that I know was much enjoyed and appreciated by her and everyone, and even the chickens got to share in the celebration!

    I am beyond delighted that you have found in acupuncture something that clearly helps you, your testimony makes a powerful statement to the fact that it is a viable option.

    You validate the whole concept of the TToT when you show us that there really are always things to be thankful for. Reading this post was a reminder and blessing, thank you! Wishing you a warm (snow-melting) and productive week ahead, and sending an extra hug for Joulie! XOXO


  3. What a great list! I have to admit I’m not a fan of snow, unless I’m off work and can sit indoors in the warm and watch it from inside!


  4. so glad you are still getting the acupuncture and that it’s having beneficial effects. a woman I work with went for a session for a problem with her shoulder. she was very impressed with the results.
    late birthday wishes & congratulations to your mom:D
    it’s fabulous, your new place. don’t you let the worries get you down. you have built it. they will come 🙂


  5. I’ve heard of wonderful success with acupuncture. I hate the worries that come from wondering if ends are going to meet or you’re going to be standing there pulling on two pieces of rope that just don’t come together. Always Joule – she sends the best birthday greetings. Time with family is wonderful and sometimes hypogratitudinal as well. Hang in there.


  6. Can’t say I’ve ever used acupuncture, but I have used accupressure for many things and I do think it helps. Not the same, I know, but hey, whatever works. And I often think it’s amazing how things we might never have considered end up being the best and most reliable remedies. True for me as well. In my misguided youth I was a willing med-popper. Now? I’d rather try any remedy than take another pill.
    Love the photos of the party and of Joulie. Happy!
    The rest – I totally get it. On your own and liking the bills paid is terrifying. You are in my thoughts and prayers always so I’ll add that to the list. xo


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