An Unsticking Update and the TToT

the original post and the latest update

Ten Things of Thankful
The Unsticking I had begun in 2015, progressed throughout 2016. More recently in January of this year I updated it to reflect progress and to begin some new sub-goals toward my overall main goal of better integrating physical, intellectual, and social life goals. Make any sense? I hope so cuz it didn’t make much sense to me, but I’m gonna push publish anyhow because I do understand the spirit of it.

unnamedBack in January I put together an updated visionboard. That’s it on the left.

So let’s get going:

  1. Expand my practices both work and spiritual. On the work front, I managed to integrate my three work offices. I have left my group practice and opened a practice that is solely private. ONE practice. It was important to have a building with an elevator because I was no longer able to climb stairs after a car accident blew out several discs in my back causing a good deal of neurological damage.  I fell prey to the “startup blues.” I got a bit sketchy about feeling  I no longer have the net of a group practice and a regular paycheck. I have since contacted several friends and today created a post card to do a mailing for the purposes of networking. It will be ready later tonight. I am also trying to decide upon joining another friend in a writing project that he hopes will be financially lucrative. I have to think about it. I think I will do it in the long run but I have to finish some other things first. As far as all this stuff goes I have to learn to tolerate my anxiety.
  2. Health was a goal as well. Yesterday I got some test results and once again I have manged to put my head above water and take another breath. My hemo guy says and I quote…” You are a total rock star! Well on paper anyway…” Things (blood and glands) are good, better than they’ve been in years…Apparently all those holistic herbs, acupuncture and efforts to improve my overall health are paying off. Once again I must tolerate my anxiety as I am almost afraid to say it out loud. In keeping this goal I have to figure out some way to take time off , ways to stretch and progress my strengthening without aggravating my neurological or blood symptoms. I am working on ways to progress this goal in those directions.
  3. I am continuing to work on spiritual goals and besides searching for a practicing community, those will remain private. I am trying to be part of something bigger. This week I wrote my first letter to the request of the White House to tell your “disaster” stories about the Affordable Care Act. I basically wrote about what a “disaster” I thought the current administration was making of health care and how as  a working middle class American the current plan will once again leave me without affordable insurance. I’ve joined a group called Stronger Together. Find them on FB.
  4. JoulieIMG_20170316_180344 has grown on me and I love her very much. I am currently engaging the services of a dog walker as I am not able to walk any distances yet. But hey I am able to walk again! Very cool….

All those things are totally viable as TToT items and I’m sure I have many more.

unnamed-11-e1462409384457Also the cue of the week for the SSS Six Sentence Story…. is POINT


14 thoughts on “An Unsticking Update and the TToT

  1. How delighted I was to come here and find this great update!! Don’t forget to link it up at! Being on-track with your goals is something to celebrate, you are keeping the unstuck things unstuck, and unsticking even more! Yay for you!! 🙂

    I think anxiety is a natural response to living a challenging life. The ability to push it aside enough to function effectively and find some peace and contentment in life is a big thing to be thankful for! I continue to work on not letting anxiety overwhelm me, and that is where the practice of faith comes in, in whatever form that takes..

    I am thrilled to hear good medical reports as the results of your efforts and the changes you’ve made, and you know how I feel about you now working in one practice on your own. Scary, yes, but also giving you far more control, and thus less frustration. I have such a strong sense of it being the right answer for you at this time, and you found the perfect place for your office!

    Just think of Joulie’s daily tug-o-war insistence as part of your exercise routine, and hope that she doesn’t pull your arms off! I know she loves her walks and you are a great Mom to find a dogwalker to take her further distances than you are able. My sister does that too, and it has been a real blessing to her and her pups who need the exercise to run off a little energy!

    I am thankful for you, for your friendship, and for giving us a place to connect with our Six Sentence Stories each week! You are a blessing in my life! XOXO


  2. That’s so good to hear about your health. It’s something many take for granted. Like you, I am working on my spiritual practice. I feel like there is so much to read but I just have to take my time with it all. The meditation I’m doing is making a great difference to my mindset. Joulie looks like a very loving and affectionate pooch 🙂


  3. There is a way to let the government know how much The Unaffordable Health Care Act ruined my health insurance? Really? I haven’t seen just what the plan is for the future, but I can’t see how it could possibly be worse.


  4. two words: “Damn!”*
    hard to decide which to focus on, the incredible amount of work and effort you’ve expended or the rather remarkable level of accomplishment (following from the original effort!
    very cool

    * one of my favorite, we’ve heard it a thousand times, jokes


  5. My friend, the rock star! That’s fantastic news! Being able to walk is definitely a thankful. I’m so impressed with your dedication and persistence in the unsticking.


  6. Zoe, I am happy for your progress. Alternative health management has lots better results sometimes than traditional medicine. I see it as a whole life balance. Health, Career, Spirituality, and Love. You are a rock star!


  7. I love the things you are doing to grow your Self and move forward. You ARE a total rock star. ❤ I am so glad you have Joulie and that you are making progress in your unsticking. Being able to walk is absolutely something most of us probably take for granted. It's all well and good until the day we can't and then boy, do we learn to appreciate.
    Go you for speaking up about the fallout of the health care scenario. That kind of thing should just never happen in today's society. Keep on!


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