TToT & a Gift for the Adventurous

Let’s just get the gifts out of the way shall we? That way Josie and Val won’t have to skip ahead.

For those among you foolhardy…um wait, no…I meant brave enough to participate in the April A to Z blogging challenge, it was suggested that Six Sentence Story cues be synchronized with the pertinent letter of the day. Now don’t get used to this but I’m going to give you the cues for the month, then in May it’s back to slumming it! Without further ado here are the SSS CUES OF THE MONTH:unnamed-11-e1462409384457

4/6 is E – entrance

4/13 is K – key

4/2O is Q – question

4/27 is W – well

And now the TToT: I’m improving upon my health post-MVA but the residual leg weakness is a drag, sometimes literally. I fall quite a bit and to date have miraculously avoided further injury. Until this week. For some ridiculous reason I couldn’t stay on my feet this week and planted on three separate occasions. They don’t call me Grace for nothing. I managed a minor concussion with a dislocated thumb…. Actually minimal for which I am grateful. Not even a hypograt.

Joulie had an excellent veterinary appointment . Her crummy eye and formerly broken jaw are both doing well…even if she does still have a distinctively sea-faring look about her. We don’t call her the pirate lizard for nothing.


I have others but the pirate beakons to be walked!


19 thoughts on “TToT & a Gift for the Adventurous

  1. Wow, amazing how you manage your health challenges, Zoe–my prayers for you continue. I’d say a “sea-faring” look will soon be in vogue, very chic–so Mam’selle Joulie is ahead of her time ๐Ÿ™‚ And how thrilling is this–advance cues for 6SS–I’m delirious with JOY (actually crazed, wondering how I think I’m going to “write ahead”, with all the NaPoWriMo and A to Z going on here…as the dishes pile high in my sink ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, thank you!! FUN FUN FUN!!


    1. I just…i mean JUST….went out to the kitchen , looked in the sink and thought….”tomorrow.” You can thank Josie for the thoughtful gift…She was thinking ahead! Prayers are the gift that keeps on giving….thank you!


  2. I’m sorry for your concussion and dislocated thumb, but considering you fell three times, those injuries don’t sound too bad. I do hope you heal up quickly.

    I am skipping out on the A to Z this year, but I’ll try to join in the 6 Sentence Stories. Thanks for the advance notice! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I totally agree! If you consider how much time I spend planting on the ground it’s just short of a minor miracle! I have to sit out this year too. I can barely make the SSS and often don’t!


  3. Oh my, this is the first I heard about the concussion, the painfully dislocated thumb was bad enough. Yes, I too am thankful that none of these nasty falls produced worse injuries, but I am continuing to pray about that residual leg weakness. XOXO

    I am glad the little pirate girl had a great checkup, she looks like a totally different pup from when you first adopted her. Happiness has a way of healing many things.

    Thank you so very much for the advance Six Sentence Story cues for April. At this point I”m not sure I”ll be participating this year, I may postpone until next year, but none the less I will have Six Sentence Stories to link up each week, it’s so much fun!

    Take care, and have a truly safe and sunshiny week ahead, think SPRING weather and sure footing! XOXO


  4. What the hell zoe. Get your ass offa the ground! You have too much damn sh*! to do to be sitting around hugging dirt. OK. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…take care, take your time and eyes ahead, get better, back to the place of comfort with the everyday things.
    A-Z thing. I’ve heard about it for years and for years have not participated lol. I think it’s an amazing challenge and fully support all those who participate. I should participate but as of late, I’m lucky to even open my laptop. Sad. I’m lost…and can’t find my way back home. (used to love that song !) Whew. You moved into new office space. I bet you didn’t know it carried over to here, did you? lol Thanks, z.
    Ah, the jewel of Joules looks mighty fine. I’m glad her visit went well. She is happy with you for sure ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. As you know, Grace is my sister’s pet name for my clumsiness. Even though your situation and injuries are NOT funny, I had to laugh at that. Joulie is a sweetie and you take excellent care of her and she is thriving and bringing joy back to you I am sure. I picked an easy one for the A-Z, the posting is the easy part, following and connecting with others is more difficult. Thanks for the advance cues.


  6. hey! the Apricot to Zucchini Challenge!! I love that challenge. But, alas I have prior commitments on my words for the coming month.
    Dislocated thumb, ayiiee that sounds like one of those injuries that are as annoyingly inconvenient as they are painful. Like jamming yourself in the eye when you’re just trying to brush your teeth.
    Say ‘ARR’ to Madame Captain Joules

    So the word is tree if it’s cloudy on the preceding Tuesday, but reverts to ostrich if the temperature exceeds 60. Got it! Suspect I’ll be back here on Wednesday (for the month of April)


  7. I admire how upbeat you remain despite your health concerns. And your little ‘pirate’ is adorable. I don’t know her history; how did she come to have a broken jaw? Good wishes to you both ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I am trying A to Z. Not sure why or if I will last.

    No no no. Too many injuries going around. My brother had a seizure and hit his head and now you too. Ugh! Graceful in all you do, but please take care.


  9. I am really sorry to hear about your planting and concussion and thumb. That just plain old sucks. But yeah – minimal is OK. We’ll take it.
    No A to Z for me. I’ll give a rousing cheer of collective support for those who are doing it. I’ll just be over here doing my own little thing. But maybe knowing the cues ahead of time will mean I’ll actually get in there for a change instead of missing for the second week in a row… *sigh* Just so much going on.


  10. Now would not be a good time for you to deliver Meals on Wheels. Stay on your feet, for Pete’s sake!

    I’m not A to Z-ing this year, so I will have to make up for it by getting back into TToT and 6 Sentence Stories.


  11. Falling three times in one week just isn’t allowed! You must have missed that notice, but now you know. It is a challenge to stay upright sometimes, especially if one has a weakness in one leg. I hope that you heal quickly. Thanks for the SSS challenges for the month. If I can get some creative juices flowing, I may even actually write one.


  12. So sorry you are having to contend with injuries and hope they heal soon. I really enjoy participating in the SSS challenges and the A to Z is appealing also, but like others, I have too much on my plate to participate on that. Like a lot of people, I believe I am living in the fast lane of life! However, I love it….what I do…not the fast part! ๐Ÿ™‚


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