TToT…And It’s About Time

It’s been a long time since I have written anything here.

  • I’ve  consolidated  3 offices and moved my Practice to a more accessible  building.
  • I’m not so disabled that an elevator and a close parking space aren’t  enough of an acommodation.
  • Not happy that another phone has crapped out, but it gave me a  chance to look through old photos.
  • Joulie, Skips, and Zeb, Zoe and Irish…present and pasts…just happy to know them all.
  • My car is up and running after a string of repairs
  • People have graciously stuck with Six Sentence Stories despite that  I  haven’t  gotten to my own hop in a few weeks…thank you!
  • Got a concussion, dislocated thumb and carpal fracture a few weeks ago. Glad to only be in a splint. Headaches are dissipating.
  • My back and Neuro situation  cont to either maintain or improve…acupunctue and holistic alternatives have helped immensely.
  • I’m well enough to volunteer.
  • Have a great weekend! I’m  spending  Easter with my Mom. Happy Easter!

18 thoughts on “TToT…And It’s About Time

  1. It’s so good to see you back among us, and what a great list you bring! I loved the walk down photo memory lane, I do that at times with my tablet and quickly get lost in the memories. Many wonderful faces, furry and otherwise, in your collage!

    I am so glad that you are now in one accesible office, the practice is growing, and the fax is, God-willing, finally working! I am thankful you weren’t more seriously hurt in that fall, but that doesn’t make the healing process, yet again, any fun. Your ability to persevere humbles me every time!

    Tell us more about volunteering, what are you doing? And who is this Joulie character you refer to? Have we met her? 🙂

    I am elated that you finally have a working, dependable phone, and I’m praying that your vehicle will now behave and fall into that category of dependable as well. Otherwise, I’m coming with dynamite and we’re going to fix it once and for all!!!

    I hope that Spring charm I sent you will soon start working it’s magic so things will green up there and you can share something warm and lovely as your blog cover.

    Have a really nice Easter visit with your Mom, I know how much it means to her. I am so blessed to have a friend like you, thank you for all the love and reasons to smile! 🙂


    1. I really have to try and get back to writing period I was looking through my old blog even it was having trouble way back then. Life just gets in the way. I’m just volunteer to make some meals for a few elderly in cancer patients who really hate Meals on Wheels but need to keep their nutrition up.


  2. It’s great to hear from you, you have a lovely list, and a blessed and beautiful Easter to you and your Mother!


  3. I certainly enjoyed seeing your photos – particularly Skip, the wonder dog who was, oddly, in my thoughts yesterday. I also like the new header on your blog. The great thing about the TToT and your SSS blog is that they are always there. Whenever you want to or need to, you can hop right in. Sometimes when a lot is going on in my life, I stay low (“under the radar”). I respect that. Glad you are doing. I always have love in my heart for you (bigly, no yudge-ly). Happy Easter.


  4. ‘cellent photation post! love the picture of Zeb

    (and my other favorite: Skip sitting with his back to the camera standing guard)

    …plus the “Woman and the Pirate Take a Drive through the Countryside”

    have a good Easter


  5. Always great to read your “catch-ups”, you’re a trooper–a heroine, be proud!! And you KNOW how much I LOVE 6SS–when things are not so great here, they keep me writing. Much love to you and the gang–hope you had a blessed Easter. ❤ RL, etc


  6. Sorry about the fall. I know from experience even a small tumble can be awful. Liked the pictures of the furries. Lot of work to move an office. There is always something that takes a while to get straight and it can be aggravating but worth the trouble when all done. How lovely to have Easter with your mom.


  7. Your collage of photos is fun to see. It would be great to see a blue-footed booby sometime. The Creator must have fun coming up with that one. The dog holding a balloon in its mouth made me laugh. Was he able to let go of it without popping it? I do hope that you are able to continue to heal.


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