Has It Been 45 Years Since My Last Post ALREADY!? Well Then, That Means It’s Time for a RANDOM POST!

20170418_080347Look what I bought. It’s a credit card reader for my phone. No more delayed copays…yeah right.

I am at work right now trying to squeeze this out before my 8 o’clock appointment walks in.

Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine left me a little note saying he was gonna comment bomb me today so he is responsible for this lamo post!

IMG_20170401_094720423Things you can hear around my house any given morning or afternoon:

  • “NO!”
  • “I love the way you spread your food all over the floor. It makes me feel useful when I have to dig out the Swiffer every day. You are sooooo considerate, Joulie! That’s why I love you!”
  • “Sit down and use your inside voice.”
  • “Did I say sit?”
  • “SIT! STAY!”
  • “Inside voice…use your inside voice.”
  • “grrrrrr…” *low begrudginging grumble*

Despite her recalcitrant nature and pirate like demeanor, Joulie is a VERY smart dog. Like spooky smart. She used to be able to open cupboards and the refrigrator until I childproofed the kitchen.

SO I am picking this up after my 8 O’clock appointment:

I feel oddly unmotivated of late. I say “oddly,” because I have made many changes since re-booting the “Great Unsticking,” however I am in a lull of no huge changes and trying to make sure the new ones not only stick but don’t bring me down in some way. It’s funny when we make big changes we can be so gung-ho and then the motivation comes to a screeching halt when you realize that although circumstances have changed, Life is what it is and at it’s core is the same. Y’know what I mean?

unnamedMaybe I need an unsticking update? How about it? To the left is my vision board and down and dirty goals. They are hashed out in details elsewhere.

  1. 1. My work situation has changed and I continue to adapt. I no longer have the “Start Up-Blues.” I am not as anxious about the transition but there is anxiety as start up is costly and scary. While in the past I felt I had no net in this department I am realizing that I do in fact have one … it’s my willingness to use it and ask for help that is the obstacle. I have made some promises not to flounder and to ask if need be. I am good with promises. I think I am anyway.
  2. Expanding my spiritual practice. I am working on it constantly. I am trying to live the life I know is in my best eternal interest. I also want to be the person that others think I am. I want to be able to live up to that and not just appear that way superficially as that is no way to live. I’m working at it. I do try to meditate daily and am working at making it stick and increasing my time. I also am trying to get my body and mind in one place as I have for years accused my body of treason and not been kind to it verbally. I can often be heard accusing  it of hating me and trying to push me out through illness and disability. I need to stop that. It’s doing the best it can. Not anyone’s fault the universe has things like CA available. So that brings us to…
  3.  I have been starting tai chi and yoga stretching. I will fill you in more on the yoga as there is a fascinating theory about healing the psyche and spirit through doing specific postures to generate specific behavioral outcomes. It sounds hoo-doo-guru I know, but right now as you read this don’t adjust your posture but observe it. You are most likely slumped in your seat and your head is forward and maybe even resting a bit on your shoulders, which are surely down or maybe if your tense, up around your ears. NOW ADJUST: Put a little curve in your low back, take a few deep breaths really expanding your rib cage as you do ,and just let the air leave you. Don’t push your breath out because your body knows what to do all on its own. Squeeze your shoulder blades together gently and tuck in your chin so your head is upright. Give it a minute and see if you feel a bit more positive and energized… just a bit … we arent talking “I was feeling like a 4 and now I expect by sitting up I will be a 10…” NO I’m talking 4.5… but isn’t it still better? AND if you continue to do these things won’t they eventually add up to 10 without causing you the “weekend warrior” kind of pain you’re used too when you do too much too soon?
  4. Part of something bigger. I am so discouraged with world events I just don’t know what to do. Working on it.
  5. Mentor a child in art. I am contacting my buddy this week as she wanted some help with her kiddo and hopefully later this week we will begin.

OK GOTTA GO. My next person will be here soon and I have to set up this credit card program thingy!

Have a great day! Joulie would want it that way! Z,I,L &Junnamed-1


7 thoughts on “Has It Been 45 Years Since My Last Post ALREADY!? Well Then, That Means It’s Time for a RANDOM POST!

  1. Gotta love Joulie, she works hard to make sure you are kept busy, and working on your parenting skills. It is amazing how very smart they are, we don’t give animals nearly enough credit. We had to childproof our kitchen too, and just the other day Tiggy saw me open a cabinet in the living room, and five minutes later she was over there working her paw into the right position to do the same.

    I love your updates, they motivate me to look at my own and ask myself what I’m doing about my goals. It think it’s very easy to become frozen in place with the world situation at the moment, We spend a lot of time holding our collective breath, and I’m trying not to do that. Tai chi and yoga stretching are great ideas, things you can do to feel better physically and mentally. I suspect you are far more like the way we perceive you than you give yourself credit for. 🙂 I think you would make an awesome art mentor too!


  2. Two words: ‘ARRR’

    (no! I’ve got this!)
    Very funny, clark, I’ll have you know…

    Interesting, your description of the process (underlying the ‘unsticking’). imo there’s one of those cool inverse relationship things in play when we undertake genuine change. The ‘effort’ necessary to effect change is not a straight line, it seems to go up rather steeply after some kind of early plateau.
    …then there’s the matter of maintaining change. ayiiee!! Frickin Newton totally threw in the towel on that law of conversation.*

    *yeah, rogerian expression quite pleased with myself


  3. Well, I was feeling pretty shitty about things in general this morning, but your post has helped me just a bit. I know I’ve said before that I am greatly inspired by you – that remains true.
    Cat Three – Marley – used to open and go into our lower cabinets until Zilla and childproofing came along. Then he gave it up for Lent. 😀 It was always a little weird to come home in the evening and find open cabinets. Wonder what he was looking for…?


  4. Love this (and you) and so glad things are progressing well with the Great Unsticking, in all kinds of manners. As to yoga…I’m one of those people who can fall off a mat from lying down, but you’ll be pleased to know I use my laptop curled back into the sofa with my feet up on the edge of the table and…whaddya mean that’s bad for my back too?!

    Hehehe. Hope the mentoring goes well and the card reader works. xoxox


  5. And I thought it was 46! Shame on me!
    Me? It’s so bad I don’t even check e-mail anymore lol “Going on the computer”, it appears, is attempting to go the way of….everything lately. So how fortunate for me I checked e-mail yesterday morning and saw you had posted.
    “…the motivation comes to a screeching halt when you realize that although circumstances have changed, Life is what it is and at it’s core is the same.” Yes! I know exactly what you mean 🙂
    An update on the “great unsticking” would be great!
    I love the idea of vision boards. And don’t even get me going on Tai Chi and yoga. Again, love the idea but actualizing those ideas? So happy you are!
    I’m glad to hear the new practice is going well.
    Don’t you love swiffers? You just have to teach Joulie how to use one and you’ll be all set.
    Have fun with the mentoring. What an awesome thing for both of you 😀


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