TToT and SSS Cue of the Week

Ten Things of Thankful

Let’s  do a mix and match pictorial shall we?  Match the grat with the appropriate  pic.

  1. JOULIE!  The circus dog…two legged freak show!
  2. Vitamix!
  3. It finally stopped snowing!
  4. Meditative peace of mind
  5. Soon there will be flowers
  6. My friends who beautify everywhere around the grounds
  7. Bro John is coming for dinner
  8. Loyalty to the SSS  despite my recent absence
  9. Thank you Chinese medicine
  10. Thank you western medicine

unnamed-11-e1462409384457The SIX SENTENCE STORY cue of the week is CHICKEN!

So write a masterpiece of 6 sentences, any genre using the cue any way you like. Come back on Thursday and link it up!

Have a great week!


11 thoughts on “TToT and SSS Cue of the Week

  1. Ten things of thankful:
    1. A cup of coffee with my son this morning
    2. A walk to church, noticing the birdsong
    3. The library, are going to order a book so I won’t have to buy it.
    4. Lovely flowers growing nicely in my hanging baskets
    5. A little blue tit sitting on the fence
    6. Having a good book to read.
    7. The sun is shining
    8. A lovely glass of wine with hubby last night.
    9. Talking with a friend
    10.Seeing ducks on the pond in the park



  2. What a fun match up… I scored 100, I know I did! 🙂 I am glad things are finally beginning to warm up and green up there! It’s cool that your awesome brother is coming to share dinner with you, I bet you made faces just like that as kids! 🙂

    I am grateful that Chinese medicine and western medicine can work together to give you a better quality of life, it proves that we don’t have to reject one to embrace the other, which is true of so many things, I think.

    I’m not sure who that fluffy dog sitting on your head is, but she certainly has found herself a comfy perch for her roll as chicken monitor! 🙂 Speaking of which, “chicken” is the prompt for next week?? Oh Dear, I may have to ask Joulie for ideas on that one!
    Thank you for sharing this fun list with us, have a truly good and restful weekend, and feel better soon! XOXO


  3. One word…love it!
    Very creative my friend and let me tell you, I for one, am glad you have been absent. Not for the reason why you’ve been mia, but for the comfort of knowing I’ve had company in my own absentia lol. Most importantly for the example of resilience you’ve exhibited.
    Thank you for thinking of me zoe 🙂 Your texts often come at the most “appropriate” times 😀


  4. I feel like you are back into it. The photo collage is you, you, you. I love the Joulie cartons as much as I loved your Skip ones. You infuse her personality into the dialogue. Who’s fidgety? Hooray for all your thankfuls. I feel like you’ve been touched with the rejuvenation of Spring.


  5. ‘ARR’*
    Hey! a test!! I didn’t know! I would’ve studied.

    ‘cellent photation.

    (“Hey Seamus, lets send that zoe lass to get the darts from the board this time.”)

    I did, in fact, laugh at the Dali Lama’s joke…


  6. If that’s your brother in that picture, he can give “the look” better than some mothers i know! A lovely thankful list.


  7. I enjoyed your TToT mix and match. That cheery sunflower brightens the world. In the eastern part of my state they grow wild, but of course they are a much smaller variety. Do you dry the seeds and eat them, or do you just share them with the birds? I too appreciate both western medicine and Chinese medicine. It is so nice that there seems to be more acceptance of integrative medical practices now.


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