RANDOM, Random, random…TToT

  • I just love this kid. She is as Clark and Denise say a Scott…and I just love her!
  • LOVE these guys too: Tyrion and Walter, Jewell, and Lucy (new puppy! 9wks old)
  • pinger_1663193862
  •  My new mantra, just for today… feeling a bit edgy. I’m just getting over a respiratory prob so I’m gonna blame the crank on antibiotics, and not my natural affinity to be a crank.
  • There was a chance of snow after midnight. Dodged THAT bullet!
My Joulie screensaver works perfectly!
  • A home of painted houses, sorbet from the vitamix, and a gravel (heart) driveway
  • LONG talks and walks with Joulie
  • The girls of course… repotted all my office plants, took a break for stretching on my yoga mat and off to acupuncture…



10 thoughts on “RANDOM, Random, random…TToT

  1. Awesome to find such a fun post this morning! I hope that doesn’t mean that your appointments were no-shows! The little girl is adorable, as are the sweet pups! (Yes, Joulie, definitely you too! 🙂

    I am so, so glad you didn’t wake up to snow this morning, enough is enough already! Hoping that respiratory crap will soon be behind you so that you and Joulie can enjoy more walks in beautiful Spring weather!

    I love your house, the decor you’ve put together suits you so well! I’m thankful for that Vitamix too, and that you get to enjoy sorbet, that will be so awesome on hot summer days! I’m sure Joulie agrees. 🙂

    Yay for pins and needles that help you feel less pain! The heart discovered in your driveway is so cool, it was meant for you to find, to give you a reason to smile! May this week be a good one. XOXO


  2. Your thankful list made me smile, especially the line about punching people in the face. While i wouldn’t do it and don’t recommend it, it’s funny!


  3. Wonderful post and awesome photos. I don’t know why, but I really loved that heart-shaped rock. It was like it was saying, “here, I’m giving you love.” 🙂
    I hope you’ve been well and enjoying the spring (and yay for dodging the snow up there. Hehe.) Sending hugs!


  4. I always love your random posts and your photos. That Joulie screen saver does work perfectly! I have yet to try sorbet in my Vitamix, even though I’ve had it for a few years now. Can’t imagine why I haven’t…just silly. What flavor is the one you have pictured here – looks delicious!
    I hope that this week is finding you feeling better than in recent weeks. xo


  5. What kind of yoga mat is that? And I love seeing your loves – canine, feline, fowl, flora and human. When something like a heart shaped rock shows up in your driveway/life, I agree with Cynthia. It means something positive, I think.


  6. Once again your photos speak volumes! Your screen saver makes me laugh. What a delightful way to cheer yourself up. That painted rock(?) house and the heart in the grail driveway are cute. I hope your respiratory problem clears up soon. You surely must be ready for it to be gone. Enough is enough!


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