It’s a mix ‘n match:

  •  My poor Joulie was traumatized when a piece of furniture Mike and Jude were moving fell on her. She’s physically fine, but is really angry with them and fearful. Obviously my friends don’t go around dropping furniture on my dog for fun. They spent most of last night trying to make it up to her.
  •  My favorite plant at work looks like it’s going to start growing up the walls.
  • A.M. walks
  • Joulie,Joulie,Joulie
  • I live in a beautiful green place.
  • Sunrise, sunset



12 thoughts on “TToT , SSS…BUT DON’T BLINK…

  1. I love your match up TToT’s! 🙂 I suspect that Mike and Jude will be making amends to Miss Joulie for some time, tell her I said to milk it for treats! I join all of you in being so thankful that she wasn’t hurt.

    That plant is amazing, is it trying to make an escape? My daughter has a green thumb like this. My furkids think plants are fun to destroy, and hanging plants are viewed as flying targets!

    You do live in a picture postcard beautiful place that I so envy! I’m glad it’s finally warming up a little bit so you don’t both freeze your backsides out there on early AM walks! I am thankful you are able to do the walks.

    Oh yes, sunrises and sunsets, God’s daily reminder that all is right with the world, we have such amazing ones here too!

    The SSS cue is “cue”? Well, that is most certainly easier than “chicken”! Ha!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too, tell your furkid Joulie that she is to give you the day off from games of fetch and tug o’ war, because you are an awesome, and tired, Mom! XOXO


  2. Early morning walks are the best kind, or at dusk. Sunrise. Sunset. That would be a sight, a plant up the walls. Talk about a green place. Glad the poor girl was okay, other than the fright she felt.


  3. Wow, you live in an idyllic spot! Love those photos. I especially adore Joulie. What a horrific thing that happened but how thankful that she is recovering from the shock of it. I think all that TLC will help a lot! Could I borrow your green thumb???


  4. Oh boy. Dogs have long memories. Hopefully, Joulie won’t make Mike and Jude suck up to her for too long lol
    Yes, you do live in a beautiful green place! I keep telling myself one of these R.I. trips I’ll have to find my way there 🙂


  5. You live in a beautiful green place. My breath caught when I saw that photo of the yard with the mountain in the back and the wagon wheel against the fence. It calls to me from a different time and place. At least Joule feels comfortable on Judy’s lap. That’s a step toward reconciliation, I’d say. Poor girl. And the cue is cue. Have a good week.


  6. I remember an incident with Ola where her reaction was much the same as Joule’s. Ola was downstairs where the door to the backyard was open. I was carrying an armchair down the stairs, holding it in front of me (well, it was 30 years ago…lol). In any event, the way it worked out, the chair came through the doorway before I did and Ola did not appreciate the ‘un-naturalness’ of that. In fact when I put the chair down, I couldn’t find her anywhere. Finally I looked out in the yard and she was sitting at the farthest point of the fenced in yard.
    She totally did not appreciate the magical flying chair.



  7. We have beautiful green places around us – I love them too! They help me feel connected with nature. I hope Joulie feels better soon. I’m sure lots of love and cuddles will help 🙂


  8. Such a lovely post, Zoe. Love the green around you and Joulie too Beautiful pics and i love the last joke. 🙂
    Also, time to start working on the cue. 🙂
    Best wishes,


  9. Poor Joulie! I hope she will forgive them.
    You live in such a beautiful area. It looks like a wonderful place to walk and to enjoy the scenery. Do you hear a lot of birds chirping on you morning walks?


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