Joulie got a haircut! Just like her predecessor (skip) she has a tendency to look a bit ratty…but she loves it!

I planted some seeds in my office. Don’t remember what they are but we will know soon enough.

It’s free range and dandelion season!


Deer are running around too


…and as much as I  love the woodpeckers, they destroyed our tree.




9 thoughts on “TToT, SSS

  1. I love that sweet little face, and Joulie looks adorable with her new summer cut! I wish I could convince a couple of my furkids that they would love the feeling of less fur, and my house would appreciate it too!!

    I think it’s so fun that you have to wait to see what you’ve planted in your flower pot! There is something so magical about tiny seedlings popping up and slowly maturing into wonderful things! Wouldn’t that make cool gifts… surprise packages that have to grow to be appreciated!

    Free range season makes for happy chickens… now lets hope that the foxes aren’t in the mood for chicken this year! I love dandelions too, always have, anything that bright and sunny should not be called a weed! I had a friend many years ago that make dandelion wine!

    The land around your barn is such a wonderful home to so many critters. Deer prints are beautiful, even if you happen to land next to them for a closer view! 😉 I never knew before that woodpeckers could actually take down tree branches, that’s sad, and rather self-defeating on their part. Such a lovely tree too. -(

    The cue of the week is Master… ok! I hope to master the art of bathing cats today, haven’t done it for a long time but we have three of four long-haired furkids that are becoming greasers and really need a little help. Dear old Sophie, queen that she is, always keeps her fur immaculate. The others should take note! 🙂

    Have a blessed week ahead… and a nice warm one too! Later in the week I will send you some of our forecast high 90’s weather in exchange for yours! ❤


  2. Wow, I didn’t realise how much damage Woodpeckers can do. I hope you get a nice surprise once the seeds grow. Joulie looks very sweet with her hair cut!


  3. for some strange reason we have at least two rabbits living close enough (possibly under the shed) to dine on our lawn morning and evening. Dandelions to be specific. During the day, the yellow flowers appear and come morning, gone, late supper and breakfast I assume. Una is not amused as she sees them on the front lawn in the evening. Fortunately no further sightings of the fisher cat.
    I suspect that Joules appreciated the haircut, for the summer season, at any rate.


  4. I like Josie’s idea of surprise seedling gift pots 🙂 Hope you have a beautiful surprise. Kind of neat when you think of it, the not knowing what will pop up and bloom.
    As to haircuts and canines, the shorter in the summer the better. Joulie surely will be a fan of the “crew cut” before too long 😀
    I do love your picture posts. And wow, they sure did a number on that tree alright. Shame.
    Love the picture of Skip 🙂


  5. Joulie is ready for the warmer weather!
    Well at least your seeds are in a pot, so there is no accidentally pulling them up or hoeing them thinking they are weeds. I’ve been known to do that.
    Do you have acorn woodpeckers? We tend to see more of the downey woodpeckers in the trees on our property, although we have heard some of the acorn woodpeckers in the surrounding properties. I’ve seen the acorn woodpeckers’ granary trees in areas where there are lots of the woodpeckers. They make holes in the trees and store acorns in them. They usually drill the holes in a dead snag of a tree.
    Thanks for the new clue for the SSS. Maybe I can come up with a story this week.


  6. What a difference a haircut makes. That is quite a shearing – no more curls. And, still, her cuteness shines through. I live in an area with lots of wildlife, too. Deer, coyote, rabbits, and wild turkey who often free range on my front grass. I see all kinds of life (and new life seeds) in your post and it has a very positive feel.


  7. Joulie looks like she’s fun no matter how her hair is cut. Sorry about the tree. We had a woodpecker that used to peck on the pipe of the wood burning stove to get the bugs to run out from under the flashing. It would wake us up very early every morning.


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