ttot & sss cue o da week

The seeds of revolution  continue to grow…

Joulie is learning that barking like you intend to eviscerate someone is not a particularly endearing form of salutation and may get you in trouble.


She is also lookin pretty hot in her fav. T-shirts.

And I think we may have answered the age old question: Can you ever have too many toys?20170529_184257

I, in the mean time, have been developing  a fondness for plants,  which is quite surprising considering that previously I always considered gardening a forced march and assumed that any plant in my care would have to thrive on neglect.

We’ve taken some good walks lately and the salamanders are back!

Lastly I was able to help a friend by making him some temporary  orthotics…I was just happy to have enough books handy for the glueing process without having to dump out a book case.20170529_090140

…and the SSS cue of the week you ask?unnamed-11-e1462409384457


See you thursday!

12 thoughts on “ttot & sss cue o da week

  1. Ahem….um…I’m FRIST here this morning? Really? 😀
    Lovely post my friend. What? Joulie’s salutations are not warmly received? Her exuberance misconstrued as….scary? lol
    No, no you can’t have too many toys!
    Glad you’ve got your green thumb back or, if you never had one, you have one now! One of my favorite things of the past was propogating and growing houseplants 🙂
    Have a most excellent week zoe and who knows….maybe I’ll be around for a 6!!! 😀


  2. Long walks mean you are feeling better. The flowers are lovely and I thrive on the beauty of plants around me. You never cease to amaze me with your many talents. You made orthotics for your friend?


  3. year of the plant of the lifes…. (why yes, I do fancy myself as a man with mad writing skills)… I have yet to determine if I have any ability in the growing things out of the ground department. We have Una’s garden, but, now that we’ve planted the plants, they’re on their own. (No, seriously, minimum of weeding on my part, mostly ’cause I’m afraid that if I reach down to pull weeds on the chihuahua-sized arachnids be stealin my watch. Not even funny. lol)

    Put Joules on… hey, ‘nine “ARR!”



  4. I’m so glad you are feeling up to long walks. That’s the best thing.
    Making orthotics – impressive!
    Gardening and plant rearing… I want to love that. One summer I actually did a fair job of keeping some flowers alive as well as a pretty hefty crop of herbs. The summer after that I didn’t have anything and since then, well…the motivation was not there. I see how people who garden love it, but I can’t get past the bug factor. Plus, we have no actual land here in condo town. Perhaps someday in my next home.
    Your flower photos are beautiful…the dark pink remind me of flowers in my Grandparents’ yard. Oh how I miss them both.


  5. Going to put in my two cents worth….everything I have seen here through the years tells me that you have enough natural nurturing skills in you that you have potential to become a prolific plant grower!


  6. Bark. Bark bark bark bark bark. Bark bark. BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK!

    Filled with hope, I have some herbs growing in little pots in my kitchen. They will be dead as door nails by the end of July, but at least I tried.


  7. Your flowers are so pretty. What is the yellow one? What is the tower? I’m just full of questions here. 🙂 I have heard those kind of barks Joulie makes, and I get back in my car until the owner calms down the pet. That is impressive that you make orthotics and that those books are useful in more than one way. After moving those heavy books, I can understand how you came up with cue word for the next SSS.


  8. It’s always a special thing to be able to help a friend. Lovely flowers, and i’m glad Joulie is learning a bit better how to make friends.


  9. Now who could feel concerned about Joulie’s fierceness when she’s modeling those adorable little shirts? I am delighted that you’ve been able to take some lovely walks together lately, but I do wish you’d buy that poor little pirate girl some toys to play with, it’s really sad that she has to make do with what she has. LOL

    The plants and flowers you are growing are beautiful! Anything I try to grow must thrive on neglect, and must be cat proof, which seems even more difficult. I don’t know why my daughter’s cats are more respectful of her greenery!

    Handmade orthotics, wow, yet another hidden talent! Those things cost a bundle but are such a godsend to hurting feet!

    The little salamanders are adorable, much like our tiny lizards here! Does Joulie pay any attention to them? I’d much rather you encounter these on your walks that bears!!

    Lift is a good word for SSS this week, now let’s see if I can lift the cobwebs from my brain and come up with a worthy idea! XOXO


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