Six random yet oddly up”lift”ing sentences

  1. I think the elevator in our building is becoming senscient, because for the past three weeks it has refused to go down to- or up from- the cafe level of the building, thereby keeping all of us on our diets and not having to haul our heavy butts up and down six floors.
  2. I get a bit bummed out every time I have to do behavior modifications with my dog because it’s  not  in my nature to be as scolding or as infuriated by her refusal to stop barking.
  3. IMG_20160727_060505616 But then she does this and it’s  a pretty good mood elevator.20170603_153620
  4. This is a doggy ramp to use because my new bed frame is too tall for my short dog.
  5. Joulie is still acclimating  to the ramp, but hopefully this weekend we can start using it as intended.
  6. The ramp was a gift from a friend, talk about your physical and emotional lift!


19 thoughts on “Six random yet oddly up”lift”ing sentences

      1. Cobee is protective of Aubree. He piques at her slightest sound and barked at me when ai kissed her gooodbye. He began being attentive and protective when Sabrina was pregnant. My hub gave Sabrina a hug and Cobee jumped up to push him away. He’s a good big brother


  1. For a split second on the second photo, I actually thought, “Hey, zoe’s gone and gotten Joules a bowling lane.”
    The odd thing is not thinking that, the odd thing is not thinking that there was anything particularly strange in that.




    1. It has kind of like a gritty sand paper texture to it however she doesn’t like it necessarily on her feet so I have cut a yoga mat to fit it and that’s what we’re going to use because it’s kind of soft and rubbery and good grip


  2. Your story about the elevator gave me a lift too, too funny that it refuses to accommodate passengers wanting to visit the cafe. Maybe it’s trying to help everyone burn a few calories by insisting they do at least one flight of stairs, but that’s not easy for you. I think I’d be asking if they deliver to the offices above. 🙂

    It does make us feel bad when we find ourselves impatient with the furkids who try so hard to please us most of the time, even if they have a few annoying behaviors (sounds like people, huh?) Who could resist that little smiling face of contentment when rewarded with a belly rub?

    Hoping that Joulie will take to that new ramp like a pro, and will soon be dragging her favorite tug o’ war toys up and down along with her. My sister has a doxy and she requires a bed ramp for her little short legs too. 🙂


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