First the down and dirty, match-up TToT.

  1. Walking the doggy in my PJs
  2. The SSS and people’s continued patience with my minimal participation…. I’m trying to change that, promise!
  3. Anniversaries.  Skip died a year ago this week. Two weeks later a shelter from my home town called because they had a 7 year old application saying I was looking for an elderly poodle. I had seen Joulie on their website and a new era was launched.
  4. Good friends…they walk my dog when I work late, they save incredible things from their tag sale just cuz they think I may like it.
  5. I have this week off. I sooo want to catch up my life. I feel very behind.
  6. My Mom was feeling better yesterday. She’s  been feeling pretty crummy…she assures me that approaching 90 is like that.
  8. I was feeling lousy and no one could figure it out, so with docs permission decided to take a med holiday. Just a week… but after 5 really miserable days, I feel so much better. I woke up with minimal discomfort despite a poodle standing on my chest.
  9. Have I mentioned  the poodle?
  10. In honor of Skip and his somewhat synonymous name, the SSS  cue of the week is SKIP.unnamed-11-e1462409384457

Now for the matchup…. naw… just a bunch of doggy pictures in honor of both anniversaries.



15 thoughts on “TToT , SSS

  1. She’s been feeling pretty crummy…she assures me that approaching 90 is like that.” Hands down, the best line in a TToT since… since whenever! Very cool
    Excellent photos of Skip (aka Sir Douglas Throckmorton III, I believe) lol… but Joules…. I mean seriously, most dogs are attractive, being simple in form and design. Then there’s Joules. (there was a cat that came around wherever it was some friends lived, back in the early 80s. totally war-torn cat. We called him ‘Arthur’. He wore scars the way that a through-too-many-campaigns soldier wears medals, as reminders and acknowledgments of battles well-fought.)

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  2. Hey, walking around outside in pjs for any reason is cause for thanks 😀
    It doesn’t seem that long ago and yet it seems forever. He was very special, Skip. And I can’t help but wonder if he was behind someone digging up a 7, not 1 or 2, but 7 year old application for an elderly poodle. Yes, a new era for sure 🙂
    Now maybe that minimal discomfort was because there was a poodle on your chest lol Glad you are feeling better.


  3. Well that’s definitely the best SSS cue ever! Just looking at these wonderful photos of Skip and Joulie photos had me “awwwing” all the way, they are surely some of the most loved by all pups anyone ever had. ❤

    Dog walking in your pajamas is something I'm sure you have in common with many folks. My deck nightcam often captures me in my nightgown taking treats to Andy, the little feral kitty, who peeks in my window. 🙂 I am grateful your friends help out with dog walking when you work too, that's a real blessing.

    I am so glad your Mom is feeling better, and that your meds holiday proved to be the right answer for you too. Yay for a doctor who listens when you want to follow your gut instinct!

    I hope this week off gives you time to catch up, time to have fun, and a sense of relief when it's over, knowing that you are bit more on top of the ball again. I really am beginning to believe that something about the way we all live our lives now leaves us in a state of perpetual behind, and it feels so defeating.

    I love your anniversary celebration of Skip's life, and the fact that he sent Joulie just when you really needed someone to make house feel happy again. They have given us all so many reasons to smile!

    Blessings to you this week, here's too feeling better and stronger and just doing it! XOXO


  4. I love this list.
    What is a bark box?
    The wait list response came on time for you! Nice you have Joulie now. You deserve each other.
    I think friends who walk other friend’s dogs are angels.


  5. Your photos of Skip and Joulie are adorable. You are fortunate to have such wonderful friends who walk your dog when you work late, and who put aside things from their tag sales that they think you will like.
    I’m glad you asked about stopping your meds. Sometimes certain meds aren’t nearly as helpful as they are supposed to be, at least for some of us.
    So glad your mom is feeling a little better.


  6. Oh, how I miss that Skip, and I know you do tenfold, but Joulie! She didn’t replace Skip; she enhanced his memory. Glad mom is plugging along. Glad YOU’RE plugging along.


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