6 Sentence Stories: SKIP

Skip had dementia at the end of his life. This is a repost.


It’s the middle of the night.

I feel the pressure of his weight on my chest,

the heat of his breath on my face-

he’s staring again.

Could it be he’s actually forgotten me?

My little old man is sundowning.

He gently touches my face.

Silently he beckons me to wake, and tell him who I am.


10 thoughts on “6 Sentence Stories: SKIP

  1. Powerful and poignant zoe. Beautiful in its sadness.
    I always loved how you shared Skip in your posts, just as you now share Joules.
    Your stories and the pictures you posted allowed me, anyone, to share in that special aspect of your life. Life with Skip.


  2. After 12 years of losing her, I still feel the warmth of Chappy’s fur in my arms. There were embedded hair in some of my clothes, which I have let be. No special cleaning efforts. This post brings back so much …..


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