TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

Ah gratitude…

  1. I do love a good wildlife cam. There are some great ones out there. When the day has me lying low it’s nice to vicariously travel for a bit of fishing or just sitting in the sun.

    2. Then there is the wild dog that lives in my home. Fancies herself a pirate she does… argh!

    3. I’m returning to work tomorrow after a week off. Granted, I was in the office for a good part of that, but I wasn’t seeing clients and it was a much slower pace. It was a nice week. During a week in which I don’t go away, I may find myself pining for work (sick I know), but not this week. I really needed the time off.

    4. I know it’s not huge or anything but I am not a plant person and the fact that my plants are doing so well is a point of fun and pride.

    20170602_112834I only keep plants in the office because I just neglect them otherwise. I figure I must need the distraction at work so I take better care of them. I’ve even re-potted a few… UNHEARD of!

5. I’m happy that Joulie is a good car traveler. Skip never liked the car and at times it’s just easier to take the dog with me so I don’t have to keep thinking about how long I have been gone.

6. Free books. I keep a bin of free books outside my office for anyone to take. It’s a great way to get rid of books I picked up (usually for free), it thins out the clutter, and also people get a little something for nothing which is always a great feeling.

7. I’m always thankful for my friends. I really have to do better keeping in touch with a few of them. Since I left my last job I have a harder time keeping in touch with people because I just don’t see them as much.

8. I started making pieces for Advent Calendars. I know it seems early but when you make so many of them and are often visited by boredom from being so ADD, you’re thankful for the little things. And there are LOTS of little things. So far 186 origami boxes have been made. These are a few from last year.

9. I’m grateful for Joulie. I’m grateful for Joulie. I’m grateful for Joulie… sorry just had to remind myself of that one… she is such a hyper, McBarky pants challenge sometimes. 20170522_145114

10. unnamed-11-e1462409384457LASTLY, the SSS is going well. Thanks to all who participate! AND THE CUE OF THE WEEK IS SCORE!

Yep you heard it… SCORE!

Six sentences, no more, no less. Any genre. Use the cue as you see fit and I will see you on THURSDAY FOR THE LINK UP!



20 thoughts on “TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

  1. You came up with ten great things easy peasy, and had me smiling all the way!

    I love the web cam shots you share with us, the fishing bears were an incredible capture. You are so right that wildlife cams let us experience some awesome parts of nature from our comfy chairs at home when travel would be difficult.

    Papa Bear and I are big fans of the little pirate girl, though I’m thinking from that first one that she might also make an awesome biker chic, has she considered it? 🙂

    I am so glad you had this week off, you did need it and the time to catch up on paperwork and rest up a bit, and you’ve been outside enjoying the pretty scenery a little more too. A few days without a lot of pressure can make a big difference in our attitude.

    You have the perfect plant window at the office, they complement that lush background so nicely! I know that green growing things help your clients to feel more at ease too, and obviously your care for them is just right because they are doing great! We are all waiting to see what the seeds of revolution will produce!

    I know that Joulie loves to accompany you when you go out cuz her mom is the best! There’s a whole big world out there for her to take in the sights and smells. I am glad she is a good car rider and not anxious, I once had a cat that loved to go for ride, his large body most at home on the dashboard because he was raised in an RV! People used to do double takes when we’d pull up to a store or drive-in and he’d be laying there like a stuffed animal across the dash! 🙂

    How kind and thoughtful of you to keep a bin of give away books outside your office door. So often one can find a book like that which is the perfect read, and it’s free! Everybody enjoys freebies, and I am a big fan of recycling books rather than collecting them.

    Your friends will be happy to see/hear from you whenever you have the time and energy. It does take concerted effort, but everyone also has busy lives and understands when we don’t always keep all the bases covered. I am terrible about keeping up with friends via email, texting is faster and more fun. Meeting up is awesome when possible!

    Your Advent Calendars are eagerly anticipated each December! Papa Bear enjoys them as much as I do, and now you’ve inspired me to make one for my son’s girlfriend’s little boy this year. I know he will love it, you’ve shown how creative the contents can be, and it doesn’t have to be expensive!

    Joulie is your challenge child and keeps you going… sometimes a bit more than you’d like to, but her love and energy are contagious and who could resist her playful spirit?! I think she’s a great reminder to cherish those we love despite their imperfections and our own. Her life has changed so wonderfully from the day she became yours! Imagine how sad it was before. Too bad we can’t teach her to do silent barks like Sophie often does silent meows in conversation to us. I guess she feels it’s too much effort to add sound! 🙂

    We are all thankful for your wonderful Six Sentence Stories linkup each week. Thursday reading is always met with such anticipation after sweating over the keyboard to come up with a passable offering of your own. It’s just a fun thing to be part of and such an awesome, supportive group of folks, and you make it possible for us! ❤

    And "score" it is four our next SSS. Thinking about continuing my tale from last week, thinking…. thinking! 🙂

    May this week back at work be a peaceful and positive one for you, and may all the good things that are growing continue to thrive! XOXO

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  2. Glad you had some down time and i do hope work goes very well this week. Congratulations, too, on keeping the plants alive! Being a black thumb over here, it’s a wonder i haven’t killed the pet geranium yet, so i get how difficult it can be to tend them.


  3. I have one plant in my office that is busy dying on me. A gift, it’s a ‘Money Tree’ (no, seriously, that not the taxonomic designation but it really is called a money tree.) Not exactly a comforting situation to have the leaves dry up and fall off… the only thing I haven’t tried is re-potting, which I will try since I’m out of ideas.
    Thanks for the Six Sentence Story ‘hop each week. It’s great practice and fun, too.
    Score, huh? Might be time to do an installment from the Mystery of the Missing Starr. I really should get names for my protagonist, but once I found myself with Desiderata Detective Agency for a name, I lost the momentum… hey! college dorm noir! is that an official genre yet? lol


    1. I actually used to have a money tree that grew outside in our yard. It obviously didn’t do me any good. Did you know that the leaves of that thing when they are alive will shed to reveal a sort of white translucent leaf? I guess people thought it looked like coins or money and that’s how it got its name


  4. I’m glad you are ready to return to work. It sounds like your week off was helpful.
    We’ve watched a lot of bird cams, but I think we need to find the bear cams too.
    Maybe your plants like the more frequent attention. It is sometimes a guessing game discovering what each plant needs.
    I admire people who have the capability to make lots of the same thing (the little pieces for the advent calendars). I get bored with a lot of repetitive acts. I know that is kind of weird, but I’ve learned that about myself.
    Maybe I’ll do better this week trying to come up with something for the SSS post. Last week, nothing was coming to the front.


  5. Truly the secret with plants is to just dig in (sorry could not resist the pun!). The worst that can happen is you lose a plant or two along the way. But there is something soothing and sweet about reaching the point where you can keep them alive. As nurturing as you are, it is just a matter of time before you master it.


  6. Definitely hear you on the keeping in touch thing. I’ve been so buried in so many things, plus having Z. home for the summer changes my days drastically.
    I think I am far less of a plant person than you are, so I totally get that little sense of pride when I actually manage to keep one alive. I haven’t tried to grow anything in at least two years, though. Z. and I have plans for a back deck garden next year. Wanted to this year, but didn’t start nearly soon enough.
    Have to get back in the SSS this week. I really miss it when I don’t join. But you know…the kid home for summer thing. Here’s hoping I SCORE this week.


  7. I have SUCH a black thumb (something I inherited from my mom). But occasionally, my husband buys herbs and we grow them in the windowsill in the kitchen (unless or until a cat eats them or they wither and die). I bought myself some herbs back in late May/early June, have remembered to keep them watered, and have yet to use them ONCE in a recipe. That’s mostly because I haven’t cooked a damn thing all summer that required herbs. Hmmm.
    Joulie barks a lot? Nora talks CONSTANTLY. She has an extensive vocabulary. I need to record her some time.
    I just bought a bunch of paper, as I am addicted to pretty paper. I need to produce some stuff made out of paper.


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