TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

Grateful my dog avails herself to my dorkiness.


I’m sure there’s tons to be grateful about but I’m running late! So on to the SIX SENTENCE STORY cue of the week.

STAND unnamed-11-e1462409384457

See you on Thursday for the linkup!


4 thoughts on “TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

  1. Joulie is such a good sport, and together the two of you bring us reasons to smile day after day and we love you both for it! Life is so much better when it’s served up with a slice of humor for dessert! ❤

    Stand is good, I'm sure I can do something with that. 🙂


  2. having connectivity problems from my home computer, so I’m connecting to my work computer (from home) and seeing if we can trick ’em that way.

    (and a bunch of other clever things I’ve said in the previous unsuccessful attempts to comment, unfortunately my brain and an Etch-a-Sketch have more in common than I would have thought… to much activity and motion and the single line drawing of the Great Pyramid is nothing but grey iron filings.)

    I repeat “ARR”


  3. You are so clever with your comic strip-like photos with Joulie. I love these!

    Maybe I can get unstuck to write something for SSS this week. Good cue.


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