Welcome to Six Sentence Stories


Uncontrollable itching?


Coupla bucks?


Vinyl skipping?


*6 sentences any way you like using the cue SCRATCH.


11 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

  1. Heeheehee! As we used to say, when was the last time you changed the needle on that record player? (You don’t hear that much any more, do you?)


  2. what is this ‘vinyl record’ you speak of?…. lol

    (“no…wait!! you gotta hear this part…. right, right hear…. no, a little…“)*

    * actual statement heard from dorms rooms, throughout the 70s


  3. Ain’t got no scratch
    to shell out
    for itch cream
    so I go on scratching
    till I bleed a bloody salve
    to tamp the itch down


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