six sentences any way you like…


Ok Denise, be careful what you wish for, Girlie!

downloadfluid is a substance that continually deforms (flows) under an applied stress.


img_20161002_100424354I think that definition refers to a sheer or force of some kind, yes?

A rock dropped from above into a pool of water would create that kind of scenario.

However, it goes without notice that the average human body is 60% water; a fluid.

I’m deforming as we speak.




6 thoughts on “six sentences any way you like…

  1. and…and! (though beyond our capacity to detect without intermediary instruments) the rock is altered by the impact very much the same as does the fluid. Our blinders are that we see somethings as (only and irrevocably solid) and some as only fluid.


  2. Yes, we are mostly fluid. Technically, glass is a fluid, and a pane of glass will flow out of shape after about 10,000 years. A very slow fluid.


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