It’s the SSS Cue of the Week and the BIG Reveal!

This is officially my last week hosting Six Sentence Stories. That means it’s also time to announce who will be taking the reins from here on in… who could it be?

You know her as Girlie On the Edge…

Yup, It’s the Girlie!!! (applause, the crowd goes wild…)

This week we will meet here one more time on Thursday. Then it’s on to writing along the edge! Which is where I do most of my best writing.

Just a suggestion but you might want to take that link up there that you just passed, and make it one of your favorite spots so you never lose sight of Six Sentence Stories! We wouldn’t want to lose anyone in the transition! So if you ever forget where you’re going just come on back here and ask. I’m happy to lead you in the right direction!

Until then, this week’s cue is CRANE.





5 thoughts on “It’s the SSS Cue of the Week and the BIG Reveal!

  1. Crane it is! You’ve done a fantastic job of keeping SSS going week after week all this time, Zoe, and I thank you for reviving it! ♥️ Girlie is a great choice, and I hope you’ll be dropping off a few stories there as time permits! Xoxo

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  2. Zoe, thanks for all you’ve done to inspire us! SSS has really helped me to think more concisely. Denise will be great. I’m looking forward to new challenges.

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  3. A bittersweet transition for sure. You’ve been a lovely and gracious hostess and you know that my current WIP would not exist without Six Sentences Stories, you, and your encouragements. So thank you, truly. Denise will be a terrific ringleader, I am sure! I do hope we’ll see your words on page, too. xo

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