Welcome To Six Sentence Stories

After this week we will be meeting at our new Clubhouse over at the home of the Girlie On the Edge.

Don’t forget now…. make sure to get there on Sunday for the cue word. Who knows if there will be any changes, but you got to get there to find out! I always wondered why I didn’t smarten up and just put the cue word out on Thursdays of the previous week? Now that I’m handing it over I get a brainstorm! Isn’t that always the way?

Either way, my Thanks goes out to Denise for freeing me up a bit, and maybe even inspiring me to write a Six Sentence Story every now and then!

The word of the week is CRANE!

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Six Sentence Stories

  1. I had to be “frist” for your last one here, but we’d better see you showing up at “Girlie on the Edge” in the future! Thank you so much for providing us this place to share our writing for so long. XOXO

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  2. I be runner up to Frist and Ms. Josie! And! I echo her thoughts. We’d better see some 6’s out of you in the near future (no, no pressure here young lady lol).
    I’ve totally enjoyed this hop under your stewardship Zoe 🙂 I won’t let you down!

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