I don’t know if you remember this scene from the Disney film, but I think my dog has something like this setup with the neighborhood mutts in the area. At the very least, she seems to have a thing with the Border Collie named Woody who lives next door.20180521_164843

Have you ever wanted to do something that you know is in your best interest, but specific people who are often trying to tell you what to do with your life are so overly invested in you doing it that you resist just because they want you to do it? I’m in that sort of immature war with myself right now.  I just have to stop it. I hate it when I get like this. I wouldn’t mind so much if these people thought it was their influence that got me to do these things, it’s just the fact that it encourages them to continue to stick their nose into my business where it does not belong.  I can tell them to back off, and I have, but it makes no difference. Typically, I can honestly say most days it doesn’t bother me, but I’ve been kind of soft over the past 6 months and a little more sensitive, and there are certain topics in life that I’m just more sensitive about and this particular thing is one of them.

I really need to find something fun to do today. I feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of time lately. It frustrates me when I waste too much time. I know by some other people’s standards my time doesn’t look wasted, but by mine, seems to be what matters to me. I really should be working, but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that’s going to happen today.



2 thoughts on “IT’S RANDOM TIME

  1. Who knows, maybe the dogs do have an alert system among themselves. We certainly get enough barking from the dog next door to make us wonder, too.

    You have my complete understanding about the situation with demand resistance to doing something because others will feel their suggestion finally worked. We wanted to do it all along, but don’t want to give them the satisfaction of thinking it was their idea. Demand resistance is a hard monster to overcome.

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