Rent to Own

It’s time for 6 Sentence Stories. Denise at girly on the edge hosts this querky little blog hop in which a cue word is given and people torture themselves by writing a story related to the word using no more and no less than six sentences. This week’s  cue is  SHED.


Join us to learn how you can finance your future at one of our upscale residences. Imagine yourself conveniently located next to the often unrinsed receptacles of the recycling bins. Enjoy fine dining amongst the tantalizing aromas of rotting produce, and the leftover carcasses of rotisserie chickens. Looking for that special vacation home away from home? For a reasonable price you can purchase a timeshare in any number of abandoned shipping cartons, cardboard boxes, or holiday storage containers. Inquire at Field Mouse Condominiums located in the shed next to the big red barn.





9 thoughts on “Rent to Own

  1. I like your SSS. Very cute and you posted such an endearing little mouse too. I can say that as long as they are not trying to take up residence inside the house or the car. 🙂

    “Tantalizing aromas” only a mouse would like while searching for a dab of peanut butter.


  2. Hey! zoe!

    Fun Six (and…. ‘provide hours of barking practice for the resident canine!’)

    (actually, the line I really got a kick out of was, “…cue word is given and people torture themselves by writing a story” … you see inside our heads/hearts/souls).


    Greetings to Joules


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