Birdy needed a bath.


Joulie was a bit worried.


…she got over it.


All was forgiven.


2 thoughts on “BATH TIME!

  1. Life…so they say…gets busy and we don’t frequent the places we love as much as we want.
    And so I was thinking of you…with my Acadia book still on my coffee table. That I was again browsing through as we’re watching a documentary on Acadia…and I got out the card you sent me…and *sigh* Oh, how I loved that place and how so very grateful I am that you thought to send me such a sweet card, picture, and book…
    And just wanted to come by, say hi, and tell you that I think of you often. 🙂 I finished the LIFE Project and went right into meditation teacher training…and finish in a few short weeks – I apologize that I don’t get over here much, but I think of you often and you bring a smile to my face!
    Give hugs to Joulie and Birdie! I bet they’re squeaky clean!
    Sending you big hugs! xo


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