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24 Hours Notice

Staring at the empty chair across from me I realize once again this is the plight of summer, when people feel free to cancel on short notice with some lame excuse that would never hold water in the icy climes of winter.

As the outdoors start to warm, my own internal temperature begins to cool, as I meet inconsiderate cancellations with a dose of reality.

“I’m sorry, I’ve told you before, I cannot reschedule on such short notice, I understand you’re mandated to be here, but don’t misunderstand- I am not.”

” The nature of our relationship does not dictate that I condone inconsiderate behaviors, including this one.”

” I have previously said you’re allowed to be sick without 24 hours notice, but at least have the decency to lie to me.”

Manners, People.20180628_103941


13 thoughts on “24 HOURS NOTICE

  1. Hey Zoe!
    Oh, man, that surely gets your blood to boiling. Me? Don’t believe in excuses. Circumstance perhaps but don’t ever try to give me an excuse lol.
    Hope it hasn’t been too bad, it’s too early in the summer!
    btw, manners? Do people still know what they are??


    1. His week was ridiculous! Manners do seem to be on the deeeecline! Thanks for being patient with my sporadic posting… luckily this isn’t a set appointment or I’d have to take my own bad advice! LOL


  2. Manners got lost in the shuffle somewhere, it seems… Most businesses, including helping professions, charge a fee for missed appts–the excuse has to be BIG. Good to see you and Joulie are still here–I’ve been on/off blogging, BUT I hung the lovely ornaments you sent me, so Big Thank You again! Happy Holidays!


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