She’s BAAAAAAAACK….and it’s time for the TTOT!

I apologize because I accidentally hit publish before I did any editing and it was really atrocious, so if this is really bad feel free to refresh and maybe the update will be better! But be forewarned, I just took care of the autocorrect errors… if you have a punctuation problem you may find yourself in pain here.

I have had so much to be grateful for in the time that I have been missing from this blog but I’m going to stick to the Here and Now. So here are the things I’m thankful for and there might be 10 of them!

Joulie …. like Skip before her, she’s my all-time favorite person in the world…Primarily because she tolerates my idiocy so well!



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So have you seen the show on Netflix called Tidying Up? This particular show helped me with my walk in closet problem a year or two ago even though it wasn’t a show then it was a book. Either way I’ve carried out the things that really work for me with this woman’s process of eliminating stuff and tidying up. And every now and then I have to kind of regroup and tidy the Loose Ends because I’m like most people and will just stuff things where they land after a certain point.  Christmas is usually the Tipping Point for me and that’s usually when my house loses ground in the Tidy department. So January is often spent trying to get it back together. I’m in that process now and I’m grateful for it, cuz it always feels so much better than when things are Helter Skelter.




One of the things I’m really grateful for is dictation. You may have noticed most of my blogs need quite a bit of editing and that’s really because I dictate them and I’m often Fairly lazy about going back and cleaning them up for capitalization and punctuation. So not only am I thankful for dictation because often times my computer is glitchy as far as the keyboard goes, but I’m also thankful for your patience with my lack of editing. Cuz I know there’s quite a few people out there who are kind of like the grammar police and I appreciate that none of you are like that towards my shotty editing skills.

Occasionally I would post about my mother and just to let you know she is heading into her 9th decade soon, and off and on we have our challenges but I’m really proud of her for the changes she still makes at this age.IMG_2325 I’m also grateful for New, Old Friends. I have a friend who over the past year I’ve really gotten to know much better than I’ve known her in the past. I’ve always liked her a lot but I never really knew her as well as I do now. And she’s a real light in my life. She knew skip, and she adores Joulie which let me tell you is a big deal! She’s helped me Donn some Rose Colored Glasses once in awhile which I could really use because I can be a terrible cynic. So she does this little post from her Facebook site of her business. And I would invite you to go over there and follow because everyday I get one of these posts and it’s just enough to kick my butt into gear for a positive start to the day. Here’s one of the posts in which Julie was the star! Her business is the Wash & Wag , and I will put it in as a link as soon as I finish this post, because it’s totally worth checking out every morning or at least having it sent to you.


…and to top it off she started a little Revolution of Good Deeds for 2019… she and I and her nieces have committed to filling up a good deed jar this year… doesn’t have to be big Deeds, compliments, paying for the next guy in line at the coffee shop, taking Joulie for an extra walk, anything really… it’s pretty easy. I made some jars for all of us, she bought little cards for all of us, and off we go! Can you see why I am grateful for this person? Thank you Robin!20190110_142646 okay I have to get going cuz I’m running a little bit late. I’m going to see one of my nieces in Boston today she’s got a great part in a play called The Wolves. And I’m really looking forward to seeing her. I bought tickets for my sisters and I for Christmas and I’m grateful that I was finally able to get them something they wanted for the holiday! And I’m grateful that we’re all going together and having a great day!

… and lastly, have I mentioned that I’m grateful for Joulie?20190110_143442 Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “She’s BAAAAAAAACK….and it’s time for the TTOT!

  1. I was so excited to see “Uncharted” in the link up! I’ve missed you! Welcome back! My post (which I haven’t published yet, but will later today) also mentions friends. So glad you have good friends!

    Drexel says hi! (Of course, his mouth is full of a rhino toy, but if it wasn’t, he’d say hi!)


  2. Clark said you were back on his blog, so I wanted to come over and celebrate! YAY! Glad things are looking up, so great to see Joulie, and great to see you writing. And that dictate function is fabulous, no? Hehe.
    Here’s to wishing you a wonderful 2019. I still have your beautiful book on my coffee table. It’s such a treasured, thoughtful gift! xo


    1. You know I don’t know why I didn’t expect to be welcomed back with such wonderful Open Arms. I never expected not to be but I guess I didn’t expect to have so many people show up so soon and I just feel so loved thank you! What a Rodger thing to say huh? WTF?!


  3. Welcome back (again lol)! Good to see you publishing again. I, all of us have missed you on the circuit.
    Nice bit of TToT’ing. Your mom looks great for heading into her 90’s and what a beautiful smile 🙂
    Joulie, like Skip before her, holds a special place in all our hearts 🙂

    P.S. Since you’ve published 2 consecutive posts in just as many days, will we see you at Six Sentence Stories this week?! 🙂


  4. I like the idea of dictation (as an alternative to typing) but I’m only just beginning to make progress on not talking to myself out loud. lol.
    No! serially, it’s not a problem for me in the old-fashioned sense of ‘thats crazy’ but more in getting so comfortable as to lose my sense of when to use my subtitle voice… i.e. when at work in my office…
    Good to see you back on the scene.


    1. Well luckily I’ve never really had a perfectionist Gene. So for example the capitalization of the word Jean in the last sentence didn’t really faze me one way or the other neither did the word FaZe. See what I mean? I love dictation!


  5. I remember you and of course Joulie. So glad you are back here posting on TToT.
    My to-do list for this week includes tidying up and cleaning out a closet! It is time and really past time!
    Getting to know old friends even better is something in which to rejoice.


    1. Hi Pat! I hope all is well with your world! I feel like I’ve missed everybody for so long! It’s so nice to see everyone if you call this seeing and I do! I have to say I really loved this woman show because she’s very gentle and very kind but I get the impression that she’s also very mighty! Good luck tidying!


  6. Dogs are adorable, wouldn’t want to live without our two! I like the idea of starting a Revolution of Good Deeds for 2019. I think when you visualize all the little things like you do in a jar, you will be surprised in the end how many good things you did.


  7. You did a TToT! Yay!! 🎉 as you know, I dictate most of my texting and blog posts, and even if I go back to try to clean them up I tend to miss most of the errors until later. Dictating is so much faster and easier!

    I love Robin’s daily posts, she is amazingly insightful, and yet says it in a way that we can all understand. I watch for Joulie’a picture to pop up in them which happens fairly often! 🙂

    Glad you are getting re-organized, I am making progress but still have far to go. You are right that it feels so good to have something tidy.

    Love the good deeds jars, a great way to stay mindful of the goal! 💗


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