Day 1 of the Detox and Day 5000872 of Random Blogging

So today starts the first day of a 3 week detox and intermittent fast. I’m doing it with a doctor’s supervision, which I have to say is fairly uncharacteristic of me, but even I am capable of smartening up once in awhile.

I’m going to be meeting with a group that’s doing this detox together, and I really just need to wake up a little bit. I came here in hopes of getting my brain moving a little …so on with the random chatter.

Yesterday I went to see my niece perform in Boston in a play called The Wolves. She was really outstanding and I’m totally unbiased of course. But none the less she was totally outstanding. On my way there I witnessed a hawk that was hit by a car. And he was kind of floundering around in the middle of the road so I stopped and got him to the side of the road where he could regroup a little bit and eventually he took off. I’ve never been that close to a bird that large well that’s not true… But I’ve never been that close to a wild bird that large… I kept thinking if this guy regains his composure and figures that maybe I mean him some harm, I’m really going to be dead meat. This guy could really hurt me. But he didn’t and he flew off eventually and it was a really great experience. I had a great time with my niece had a great time at the play we went to dinner, brought her home, and came home to a very excited little poodle who had been well taken care of by our dog walker. Overall it was just a great day.

As the title says, this is day one of the detox. To be quite honest about it, it’s not much different than how I’ve been eating regularly since I started this whole vegan thing. You basically juice in the morning and have a vegan dinner and then there is a block of time of at least 8 Hours, during which you’re mostly sleeping, where you just don’t eat anything. And then there are days of fast in between. You know it’s nothing really that our ancestors didn’t used to do on a regular basis, it’s just now that food is so readily available to certain parts of the world there’s a lot of feasting and very little fasting any longer. So guess what I’m saying is I feel okay about this and I’m hoping it just kind of helps jumpstart my system a little bit again.

I’m trying to fit blogging back into my schedule. I didn’t realize how much time it used to take but it really does. If you want to be part of a hop or something like that, just to get around to people’s blogs is pretty time-consuming. I’m starting to try and carve out some extra time so that I can do that because I enjoy it.

Okay I have to get going and get ready for this meeting. I’ll let you know how it goes.


9 thoughts on “Day 1 of the Detox and Day 5000872 of Random Blogging

  1. Thanks for the update. It is always nice to hear from you. Oh I think I remember there is supposed to be something important about being First!


  2. Boston. Old stomping ground. Favorite city.
    Of course you’re not biased!
    Good luck on the 3 week detox and fast! If you can get over the initial hump on the fast part, it really pays off.
    I know exactly what you mean about making the rounds. As much as I enjoy it, I too struggle.
    See you in the funny papers 😀


    1. …and it’s fun to keep up with them so I need to make time… I went to see a clairvoyant recently when I was giving a gift certificate. I really didn’t want to see a clairvoyant, but one of the things she did say to me was I need to have more fun. Do you still do that cool timeline thing on your blog? I’m heading over there now!


  3. Now you are three posts ahead of me for the New Year, I am proud of you for giving it another try!

    The detox plan makes good sense and I hope it works a little magic for you gut. 😊

    I LOVED the hawk story and so did Papa Bear. We weren’t a bit surprised that it didn’t try to harm you, animals can sense good spirits, and I think deep down he knew you saved his life. It was a very brave thing to do! ♥️


    1. I just spoke to my niece who’s a tattoo artist and she is going to be giving me my first tattoo this week which is a little bird Trail up my wrist. She’s doing these in honor of her birthday and making all proceeds as a donation to the local animal shelter. So people are coming in and having animal tracks done for $40 a pop

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