The Thaw Before the Storm

The National Weather Service is predicting our area may be hit with anywhere between 12 to 36 inches of snow over the next three days. Often times when that happens it’s kind of anticlimactic and we end up with little more than 6 to 10 inches, sometimes less… today was the first day that I had seen the stream thawed-out in quite some time.

8 thoughts on “The Thaw Before the Storm

  1. Hope the snow is minimal! We got surprised by 10′ inches here last weekend. Nothing compared to what you guys are used to getting but annoying just the same lol. Very nice picture. Cold looking, but very nice 🙂

    P.S. I didn’t see your 6 today 😀 😀 😀 😀


    1. Yeah I wrote you an apology my last post I just can’t get it together enough yet I’ll be there soon but just not yet I’m just trying to kind of keep up with stuff without feeling overwhelmed to the point that I need to give this up. You know how it goes!


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