Holy Moses it has been way, way, way too long! So long in fact, that I couldn’t remember how to get into my blog. Since January I bought a new computer, had to get a new phone, and thank goodness had at some point attached the icon for Uncharted to the tablet I use for work, because otherwise I don’t think I would have gotten here today! Too many new devices to which I mistakenly never downloaded all of my apps. And well since I’m being honest, once I got here God only knows how I remembered how to put in an entry! We’ll have to see how this goes. I like to use a lot of pictures but I don’t know if I remember how to do that! I’ll give it my best shot though! But gee whiz it is great to think that everyone’s coming together for this anniversary! And that Kristi, God love her, has with her predecessors continued with the TTOT! I’m pretty secure in the notion that I can also throw out a shout out to my buddy Clark from the Wakefield Doctrine for keeping  in perpetuity, at least one of the BSOR/SBOR rules! Oh you know what rule I’m talking about Clark , don’t play coy with me!

Before I get going, let me try and pull out some of my favorite photographic TTOT memories. This way I’ll know if I remember how to do it and also it’s a Cheesy way to get my favorite photos out there again!


Well I was able to do that but now I don’t seem to be able to put any new photos in there so I’m okay with it. I’m just happy to see the old ones. Just know that this next list comes without illustration but I don’t know that it needs a whole lot. WAIT, WAIT….I GOT THIS!!!! MAYBE…

So let`s get on with the thankfuls shall we?

* I have been more than blessed with my share of good friends over the years. I’m happy to report that since I have been absent from my blog, that hasn’t changed at all. I’ve made some really good friends over the past couple years. I feel really fortunate that I don’t find it difficult to meet people. When you find yourself Suddenly Single it can be a pretty daunting task to get out there and meet new people, or even just keep going with the old ones. Luckily the old ones have kept after me. And I’m really grateful for that. I think they all know who they are!

* Joulie. If you remember this crazy little mutt was a real challenge. She was, and at times still is, a serious barker. When I first got her all she did was walk on two legs, which unfortunately turned out to be causing a spinal deformity and a lot of pain in her hips. Don’t make dogs do that. I’m happy to report that we still have a ways to go but we’re going to make it! The pirate  will never see another shelter again as long as I have anything to say about it . And I’m really grateful for her . She’s turned into a really incredible  companion .  She is a little spooky smart  if you know what I mean… You know a little too smart.


* A few people have asked, and I’m happy to report that my mom is still living independently as she heads into her 90s. I’m grateful that she’s healthy enough to live independently with family support. It’s nice not to have to worry on the same level that a lot of my friends with older parents do. Of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t worry at that level, it’s just I probably don’t have to, and for that I’m grateful.

* I moved into private practice a few years ago and if you recall I was terrified. It’s a really scary endeavor to go out on your own, but I’m happy to report it was a good move. I’ve had to do a little housecleaning and there have definitely been a few glitches, but overall- best move. And boy am I grateful that it worked!

* I would like a bigger place because just to have one more room that I could use as an art studio would be just awesome! However I’m not going to give up my idyllic surroundings unless the perfect place comes up. So yeah I still live in a pretty wild and amazing place. And yeah I’m still really grateful for it. There have been a lot of glitches over the past 2 years, but I’m sitting in the middle of a place that I really want to be. I couldn’t imagine moving back to a city at this point, or just even into town and losing everything that surrounds me outside of this house. Granted those two big bears in the previous pictures were on my back porch…but still…


* There have been what I think, is an unusual number of family and friends lost since December. And there have been times that it’s really hard to watch people you love suffer through those times. But I’m really grateful to feel part of something bigger than myself, especially at times like that. Grateful for all the support that I did receive, I’m grateful for having known these people, I am grateful for still being able to feel connected to them despite the fact that they’re not physically here any longer. I think things have really changed for me when I look back and see how I was struggling to feel less stuck in different parts of my life. Reflecting on these things now I realize how grateful I really am and how much I really moved forward in this time. Yeah my walk-in closet still gets messy but that’s not what’s important to me anymore.

*I’m not going to go into it but I had a life-changing experience sometime around Thanksgiving last year. It was like a brick was lifted from my chest. Was a really positive wonderful thing and it’s lasted right up to this moment. You know when something really great happens oh, give it a day or two and it’s kind of worn off. This one hasn’t. It’s been a real positive life changer that pushed me to work on some things that I really needed to let go of…it’s changed everything…and for that I’m really grateful.

* I’m just really grateful for a whole mess of things…

So thanks for sticking around and thank you Kristi, for keeping this going!  Now all I have to do is remember how to link it up.



26 thoughts on “WOW! AM I REALLY HERE?

    1. MIMI!!!! ITS SOOOOOO good to see you here!!!! I have to link up today so that I can hop around and find everybody! I can’t wait! Thanks so much for stopping in I love seeing you!


      1. I always get such positive feedback about the bunny. It’s so nice that people like my little creations.


  1. Well, look who the bears dropped off! It’s good to “see” you again, my friend 🙂
    I’m happy to hear the positives that have been moving through your life. We can’t always avoid the negative but sounds as if you’ve got that covered.
    ( Always enjoy your pictorials 😀 )
    Don’t be a stranger ’round these parts, eh?!


    1. Yeah I have to definitely find a way to fit this back in. I don’t know how I used to do it! Believe me if I knew how to avoid the negative I’d be making a hell of a lot more money as a shrink!


  2. I’m so glad you came to the party! I emailed you to invite you, but learned today in your comment that you had discontinued that email account–so glad you found out about the blog hop anyway! I’ve wondered how you are doing, and am so glad that things are going well. I’m so sorry that you have lost so many friends/family members this year, but am happy to hear that you are feeling supported and at peace, and part of a larger-than-death connection.

    I love seeing the photos! Drexel says hi to Joulie!

    Send me an email sometime and we can catch up more!
    Thanks again for joining the celebration!!!


    1. yeah a couple of people contacted me about the hop which I’m really grateful for. I’m really happy to hear that your axles doing well! And Julia of course says hello to him. I will definitely send you out an email!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. YOU’RE HERE! YAYYYY!!! ❤ And awww to my little buddy JuJuBee, glad her pirate self won't be seeing any shelters anytime ever. I remember the bears on your porch but now can't remember whether I saw them here on on Whatsapp. Yowza. We just got home from camping (Cub Scouts) and thankfully did not see any although the trash cans at the site are those crazy heavy-duty ones that you have to pull and pin and the whole time you're trying to open them, it's impossible to not wonder if a bear is just waiting for you to pop the lid before bashing you and getting some grub. Ok sorry that was a bit rambly. I love that you're so positive and thankful and I promise it's ok if your closet got messy again. ❤


    1. Are bears are very highly educated in the uses of Rubbermaid containers I totally feel your pain! You know my closet is a lost cause. When you only have one closet in the whole place it’s impossible for at least annually to find yourself in a big cleaning frenzy with it


  4. zo….eee!
    (and, of course, “YARRHH’)
    very good to see you here at the TToT. would appear that you continue to have interesting (and/or) excellent adventures.
    (Great photo of zeb)
    Una is fine (and,… Phyllis too) (lol)

    Good thing dogs are such highly evolved lifeforms or, otherwise they’d be all hot-wiring the car and maxing the credit cards on the shopping network and animal planet.


    1. That’s ARG to the likes of you you scallywag! Oh I’m sorry I was just channeling Julie for a second there. I did go through your blog and looked at all the pictures of Una! She looks beautiful! I’m sure Phyllis does to! Do you still look like an English teacher?


  5. HEYYYYYY!!!!! I can’t believe you’re really here but I’m so glad you ARE! I think I’m even more shocked you’re here than I am astonished that I made it in, too! YAY US!

    So glad things are going well, and I love that you had a weight lifted from your chest and a huge influx of positive. Long may that continue!

    Lovely ‘seeing’ you again. I promise I will email you SOON! xxx

    Snuggles and boops to Joulie


  6. Wasn’t this a fun thing to go back and do after so long?! I always love all your photo snapshots of life, and of course my heart went right to Skip, who was nearly the official mascot of TToT way back. I just know that he sent Joulie your direction to keep you on your toes… and up to speed in tug o’ war! 🙂 When I look at your list I think it’s pretty amazing, really a lot of BIG things as far as life goes, and I do smile to realize how much your life has moved forward in the past couple years. Some days we feel like we are slogging thru mud, but then you look back at where you were and you realize how far you’ve come! I also believe the perfect new living quarters with art space is coming your way in the not too distant future. Each place we live is a new chapter in our lives, and I often envy the beauty of where you are now… but about those bears!! You are such a blessing in my life, and we have the Internet and the Universe to thank for that! you are way up there at the top of my reasons to be grateful for my life, along with Papa Bear and the furkids! 🙂 Thank you!!


    1. Oh my boy skip how I still miss him! Although Julie while not a substitute, is Pretty stinking special! It’s funny you know thinking about how life is moved forward in the last couple years and yet I feel like I’m sitting still most days even though I know differently. It’s just never enough is it? I suppose the day it is enough is the day we roll over. You two will always be on my top 10 list

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So sorry to be so late in seeing your post. I had been checking the TToT links and didn’t realize that some were linking up to Thankful Me. For some reason some of those that showed up on Thankful Me aren’t showing up on TToT. Anyway, how fun to be able to read your thankfuls and to see those sweet photos again.
    It is good to hear that your mom is still able to live independently with family help. I’m sure she appreciates the help from her family.
    I am happy that you are happy. Sometimes, it really is necessary to just let go of some things.
    I hope you will link up again.


  8. You know, I’ve read this twice already and still haven’t managed to stay focused long enough to land a comment? LOL It’s so good to read your words and was great to chat a bit a few days ago. I have always loved your posts, your insights, and your ability to keep on going through all the stuff of life. I’ve said before and will say again that you’ve been a great inspiration to me. Perhaps more than you know. xo


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