When WordPress opens up in my account, it makes a suggestion for specific subjects in which I might be interested. I find it curious that it suggests: chickens, Tibet, and shlok movies. Quite the topical little assortment of high class and decorum… sadly, it totally nailed it!

This month Joulie and I will be celebrating three years together. As you recall, skip was a very special guy I had been spending my time with prior to Joulie’s arrival. d249e27a-0340-4afb-adb6-515a52fa460c1Some knew him as Douglas, the Brits seem to think he was my accountant, and still others like myself knew him for all his foibles and faults and loved him none the less. That shot of him over on the left is one of the last I have of him. He was 17 years old there the week before he passed. He was wearing his doggles because his eyes were so sensitive to the Sun. They allowed him to see and run again for at least a couple of weeks which was totally worth it!

Anyhow, two weeks after Skip passed, an area shelter had this funny looking pirate dog who needed a home and seemed to fit in with what I needed at that time as well. At the time I thought it was a little too soon, but you can’t pass up an opportunity when it’s plopped in your lap. So the days of the pirate began. I consider July 27th Joulie’s birthday seeing as we don’t actually have one for her. That will always be a special day for both of us.

This was our first five minutes together in the car on the way home. The rest is pretty much history. But I’ll fill you in on the 27th if I get the chance.


  1. You and Joulie needed each other. It was a perfect match! And Skip. Ohh, Skip! He was a hot mess, but such a lovable hot mess! Elated that you are writing again.


  2. I will always believe that Skip sent Joulie to you. He knew that you needed someone very different from him but just as lovable, and he didn’t want you to be alone. I am amazed at how great Joulie looks now as opposed to that first day when you picked her up at the shelter. She has a great life! 💕


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