Top Ten Ways To Recognise If You are Sheltering In Place and Other Musings

It’s so nice to be back blogging. As mentioned in one of the previous comments it’s a lot easier to disappear in real life than it is out here in the blogging world.  I’m really grateful for that because in the blogging world you can always come back and it feels like you’re always welcome.  I’m not so sure that that’s the case in real life. It’s very comfortable out here in the blogging world, it’s a little bit of what home feels like.

I was at my mom’s assisted living community for a few days when an active case of covid 19 was diagnosed among the residents so I am now home and quarentined with my best bud Joulie. These are a few of the things we are learning… ( Also you should know that this is a really shameless rip off of my friend’s actual post called ‘Living in the Company of Dogs‘ which you should really check out!)20200323_222317

And now for the top 10 things that I have discovered indicate a change in my behavior of late…

10. That work schedule you had been hoping for finally came through.20200324_082741

9. Your primary mode of communication is through a keyboard with people you’ve met maybe once or twice.

8. Everywhere you turn the dog is standing behind you.580823317

7. The dog is acting smug and secretly happier than she’s ever been in the four years you’ve had her.

6. You find yourself wondering how long eggs last and should you eat them first.

5. You used to joke that you didn’t know how to use snail mail…now you’re sending out everything short of toenail clippings to everyone you know for a ‘fun little break in the day.’

4. Instead of figuring out the mileage per gallon, you now have a calendar to figure out how long certain items last…just curious.20200324_083713

3. You are finding gratitude in the little things, like the fact that your magazines seem to use a thin enough paper that it wont cause chafing in an emergency …if ya know what i mean…

2. You have a new dog… #socialdistancingmademedoit

This is Arlo…my brother got a puppy!IMG_3984

1. You no longer spin the toilet paper like it’s a roulette wheel and when you change the roll you save the remnants of the previous one.

I’m sure there are a ton more ways … Feel free to add them to the comments!

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Ways To Recognise If You are Sheltering In Place and Other Musings

  1. Amazing what we can adapt to, isn’t it.

    By the way, eggs are good for a long time. If they are Grade AA, they have to remain at that grade for a week or two past the sell by date, at which point they are Grade A for about 2-3 weeks, then Grade B for another 2-3 weeks (better in recipes like quiche or fritatta than just scrambled or fried), and Grade C, still edible in cake and cookie type recipes for a week or so.

    Also, you can freeze eggs. Take an old fashioned ice cube tray, spray with non-stick spray or wipe with a bit of oil, crack one egg in each “cube”, place in freezer and in a few hours, pop them out and put them in a zip freezer bag. Again, once frozen, use them for recipes like cakes and cookies, not your favorite overeasy or scrambled breakfast.

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    1. Wow….you know so much about eggs…thanks its really helpful…
      Who knew you could freeze them? Well you, but yknow what i mean!!!


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