Six Sentence Stories and Living Under Quarantine with Joulie




I am here to tell you if you don’t  use it you WILL lose it. I haven’t  been  writing in over a year and wow am I rusty. I am just counting the sentences  until I get to say, “whew! Thank God that’s  six!” The good news is that I know it’s  totally safe to put out a piece of utter crap (like this) because I am among friends; people  who  understand and accept  me  where I am. I knew I could come back despite my abscence and be welcomed  like the prodigal  son.  In this uncertain  world there exists this incredible  haven of safety with you my blogging community and I thank you for that.

Hey, that was six sentences. Hang out and link up at Girlie on the Edge.

30 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories and Living Under Quarantine with Joulie

  1. My heart jumped and tears welled in my eyes to see this. Love, love, love that you are back at the SSS corral! Good six, BTW! Didn’t want to leave that out. HA


  2. It truly is good to see you again, and the little dog too. Those are six wonderful sentences because there they are, your thread back to this group. You were prompting when I first found six sentence stories, got me writing regularly. Thanks again for all that! Dang. I’m counting, and this is six.


    1. Haaaaaaa!!!! Thanks!!!! Having some trouble putting comments on people’s blogs and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong? I could have sworn yours was one of them so I was just wondering if people were moderating or if it was my system because God knows my system is really screwy! It’s so nice to be back though! And to know that I could be so welcomed back is really a comforting thought! I never had any doubt of that! It’s great to see you too!


  3. I know that feeling of leaving the blog and coming back. I felt like the Tin Man trying to get moving again! Love you and glad you’re back!


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