Living Under Quarantine with Joulie and the TTOT



Join in over at Thankful Me where Kristi hosts a plethera of gratitudinous bloggers such as yourself!

WOW ! It has been some time since I have done one of these!

I often look for gratitude in my everyday life  but, the TTOT with its 7 lovely guard virgins and Book Of Secret Rules (are they still a thing?) is a unique expression of thanks all its own.

So lets get down to the top ten things I am thankful for this week:

  1. I have to include last nights “pants on your head” group text. My great niece decided wearing pants on your head was a pretty cool look for her and I just encouraged other people to try it. The results are still coming in but these are a few

2.  That said,  I have great friends!

3. A couple of them sent these and they lift my spirits whenever I play them

The Weight 

Ode to Joy

4. I am on day 12 of quarantine and I haven’t pulled any of my hair out, nor have my dog’s legs fallen off from excessive walking.

5. Work is by no means full time but, I am able to work from home for which I am grateful.

6. Joulie. I am grateful for some Joulie. Skip was a bit of an icon at ‘Uncharted,’ and Joulie has a lot to live up to.    However, she can hold her own. For instance, did you know she was a pirate?

or that she is kind of a circus dog? There was a time that Joulie only walked  on two legs and was my reason for childproofing all of the kitchen cabinets.

She currently has her own column called ‘Living Under Quarantine with Joulie,’ and while Skip claimed to be literate, ef2f2609-4222-471d-8f0e-120ef9c3dcbcJoules is not… but still manages to get her points across with a fair amount of accuracy.

So yeah, I’m  very thankful for Joulie. and for the fact that I can say that. At one time I wasn’t sure we would ever arrive at this point.

7. Since  last I  was blogging, a lot has happened with my now 90 year old mom. I am incredibly grateful to God and the people in her assisted living community. They are currently in lockdown without visitors and I  don’t think I would tolerate this time if I weren’t  able to trust them as much as I do. She has a spectacular home health aid. Having spoken with friends who are also doing this kind of work, I have to say they are among the unsung heros in all of this viral mess. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.

8. I am truly grateful for the health care community who show up for work on a contagious front line every day. They are brave and devoted. I am also grateful for their families who also sacrifice  at these times. I’ve  been through a few disasters when I was working in hospitals,  but never anything  like this. We knew we had a long day and night ahead of us, but never anything that could threaten our own personal health or that of our families. Thank you all.

9. I have said it earlier this week but it bears repeating, that I am grateful for the blogging community as well. In real life, it’s  often difficult to return after a long absence, because we’re usually riddled with the fear of rejection. I had no such fears with this community. Acceptance was never a question. Thanks for welcoming me back.

10. Did I mention Joulie?




14 thoughts on “Living Under Quarantine with Joulie and the TTOT

  1. The Pants on the Head Group text is a riot! So much fun.
    I can just imagine how difficult it must be for you not to be able to visit with your mom at this time. It has to be so reassuring to know she has good care.
    Love your music selections and that you shared them here.
    Joulie deserves an A+ in Posture!
    Stay well and be safe and see you here next week.


  2. I am so glad you had no fear about jumping back into the blogging community, because I’ve missed you and I’m so happy you are back! Joulie has quite the personality, and I’m glad she’s back, too.
    “Pants on your head” is so much fun!
    I’m glad your mom is safe and being cared for. These are strange times, and not being able to visit has to be hard, but knowing she is being watched over by people you trust has to be reassuring.
    Again, welcome back! 🙂


  3. Have I yet greeted Joulie….
    This is such a good TToT, in that it offers all of us perspective. Returning after a time away, surely makes for a certain appreciation that is not necessarily available to those who do not leave. But, reading your Post offers us an opportunity to appreciate the bloghop that Lizzi created… what, like 23 years ago?
    So much time.
    Thanks for the gift that the blogosphere makes available, to be allowed a glimpse into another life, another reality.



    1. Its so nervewracking…the lockdown i mean. I am so grateful for the employees and that my mom’s health has improved enough to let her tolerate this event…crazy times!

      Liked by 1 person

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