CARROT IS BACK! & Living Under Quarantine with Joulie

A few years back I started a motivational blog named “Carrot.” It had a run of about eight months.

If ever there were a need for motivation and mood management  its now.

unnamed (1)

Let’s hope for another short run!

Carrot was started in an effort to remind myself and others that there are healthy ways to tolerate adversity, motivate ourselves without being hypercritical, and to be an outlet for change and creativity.

Well not too soon,  Carrot is back. 13383317214_649_271_previewhtmlclipboarditem_thum

“The day is coming when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.” Paul Cezanne

The picture is also a link and will get you there for todays post about staying motivated despite fear and self doubt.


2 thoughts on “CARROT IS BACK! & Living Under Quarantine with Joulie

    1. Mimi! One of the other things that works is really telling people how much they mean to you. Yu know what Mimi? you really mean a lot to me! I don’t even know if you know ? But I can always rely on you to have something really lovely and constructive to say! And I know you’re always out there too which is really just great to know….. thank you! You’re really special….. Have an excellent Tuesday!


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